Binding Judgment

Inside Bangor Public Library
Inside Bangor Public Library

Judging a book by its cover – a euphemism for judging something you do not yet know anything about. Is that wrong?

For me, no. I have over-active solar plexus and third eye chakras. I feel an impression of the moment, the situation, the person, yes even the book, in a flash.

Working as a psychic many many years ago, my first impressions became my guides. I knew when someone was playing “Stump the Psychic” with me and it gave me great pleasure, deep down in my nasty ego, to confuse them with the truth.

When I worked in the general public, at law firms all over the City of Detroit, I was a temp. I temped because I was also a university student, a wife and mother and I couldn’t commit to a law firm because I would not be able to take time off if a paper needed doing or if I needed to spend the day at the library. So I temped. I could tell the minute I got off the elevator into the firm, whether or not it was a “good” place or if I would only last until my first coffee break. Like the time I was sent to a trademark lawyer where I didn’t know the word-processing system and was told to type 200-page briefs by lunch. I lasted until break time ……….. but I knew it was wrong the minute I stepped off the elevator.

I’ve always been a “cut the bullshit” kind of person. I don’t do bullshit. Bullshit can come in many forms, like a neighbor who insists they are just too busy to come introduce themselves. Or a friend who remembers you only after the latest man in her bed has left. Or a friend who manages to make snide remarks about you, your family, whatever. This is bullshit.

I zone into a fellow human being quickly. I have what can be called a gut reaction. If I feel happy to be around that person, cool. If I don’t – I won’t – be around that person. There are emotional black holes out there and you must not allow them to vampirize your energy. Your energy is yours.

Judging a book, a person, a thing – doesn’t mean judging their worth or their import in any way. To me, it means judging whether or not I am going to accept them into my sphere of life – or not. My gut reaction has never been wrong – as I can witness by the many times I decided to ignore it.

Cover, no cover, get to the center of the situation and oh yes, cut the bullshit.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Maybe you just really don’t like them! Trust yourself – you are much better at life than you think!


  2. Denise says:

    I like the way you can trust yourself. You’ve had lots of positive feedback over the years, between what you felt was true and what turned out to be true.

    I have all sorts of things in the way of trusting my instincts, mainly sometimes I take against people for my own insecure reasons. I try not to, but sometimes I am stuck in my insecurity.


  3. I agree…that’s what it really means…Judging a book by it’s cover only means that something is right or wrong for you personally, it’s not a judgement of the actually thing, situation, book or person.


  4. alienorajt says:

    Absolutely with you on this one, though I am not as assertive in terms of ‘obeying’ my gut reaction as I, perhaps, should be. Great post. Really enjoyed reading it!


  5. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    Yes I figure it was something like that.. She was spiritual and beautiful but then she took a path more travelled and she wasn’t the woman I knew 16 years ago… I cried many tears over her.. I hope whatever she got from me helped her on her journey. I tried to get her to light her candle so as to remember her true self.. Her atman… This too will pass


  6. Jennifer says:

    You were a pit stop on her journey. There’s someone else for you who is not in the midst of reality. She probably was sent so you could see what you don’t want ……….. even if you think you do.


  7. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    I forgot you might not had seen my previous blog… My muse was the woman I loved 16 years ago. She returned into my life 18 months ago but she was trouble by various addictions. She once again moved on. Never got to see her face but seeing her as she was tore me up… Do you think she might return or was I a pit stop on her life journey…


  8. Jennifer says:

    You are not addicted ……. but you may be too troubled by your son. If you could only get him to a doctor …….. just a doctor, not a shrink, maybe they would be able to help him get back to himself? And you always say it is because of your genes – but think how you got those genes – from someone else – maybe its not his genes but his karma ………. and your karma is to help him?


  9. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    Good piece! You are awake and psychically awake.. Was it the last time I have heard from my Muse.. She ceased to communicate with me about two months ago. She is lost in addiction:(


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