Well I guess I could sweep the floor before I take pictures ……. but you need to see the way my home truly looks. I do not waste precious creative time cleaning. After all, I will just need to keep doing it. Boring.

Today is another visiting day. I have to get dressed, put on make-up (why?) and get gas and go to see DH.

If I’d kept to the normal schedule, I would have gone yesterday. But I am making a really cool purse called The Daily Mail Bag by Linda Lee at The Sewing Workshop.

I was going to make this from faux leather, but I also had real leather. I won’t be buying that again …. somehow it doesn’t seem right although I do wear leather shoes. Faux leather shoes don’t cut it. Sorry cow, pig, critter. I feel bad using your hide.

My bag went together well. I decided to line it – I can’t imagine one without a lining. Then I had to put a binding in leather around the top of the bag. I cannot sew a straight line to save my soul and especially with slippery leather going all over the place. I was going to use my walking foot, but then I couldn’t see my stitching guide. Like it frickin’ helped.

Yesterday I figured out what to do. I cut the binding off the bag – no way I was ripping those stitches out and anyway the holes in the leather would show.

I opened a small hole in the lining of the bag. Then I sewed the leather and the lining to each other, right sides together. Voila’ a bag requiring NO BINDING WITH CROOKED TOPSTITCHING. I like it much better.

I am at the point now where I’m putting on the hardware and getting ready to add the strap. I still have to figure out how to put the magnetic clasp on and WHERE.

Soon I will have a clay leather bag with an iridescent aqua lining to show you all. I think it will be neat.


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