The Explanation


I bent over to pick up the letter that must have fallen out of someone’s hands. It had been opened. I couldn’t help reading it and saw that it was an explanation of a misunderstanding between lovers. I looked at the address and couldn’t imagine where it was located. I wanted to take this letter home to where it belonged for I knew it needed to be read again and again over and over.

For days it sat on my desk, looking forlorn and hopeless. I felt guilty whenever I glanced at it. Maybe if I hadn’t picked it up someone would have come back for it. Maybe it would have survived the torrential downpours and the picker uppers of litter. Maybe he would have it now.

I decided that I must return this letter and so found a clean envelope, addressed the letter to the person on the envelope and put it back in the mail. I didn’t want to let him know I’d read it ……….. I am sometimes ashamed of being nosy. But at least this piece of paper will be back where it belongs ……… in the hands of her beloved.



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