Knitting Socks ………


I’m trying hard to finish the mate to this puppy. I did something so ridiculous last night that it took me forever to figure out what was wrong.

I finished my heel flap – I’m flipping from the pattern for the sock which I have altered to make smaller – to the directions for the Eye of Partridge heel flap. Then for some idiotic reason, I decide I am ready to shape the gussets. The only problem is I have too many stitches. I’m trying to get them on the 3 needles and it just isn’t working out.

I fuss with this a bit, I end up dropping about a thousand stitches (two or three actually) and I am started to hyperventilate.

Then it dawns on me. I forgot to turn the heel. Once I turn the heel, I have the right amount of stitches. I also have a place for the heel of my foot to sit in.

Rushing to finish a sock so you can start another pair of socks out of wool you dyed ………….. makes me crazy. Okay so now I’ll go back and turn the damned heel and shape the gussets and get on with the foot and shaping the toe and then I’ll graft the toe and WHOOSH I’ll be ready to start my new pair out of my pretty pink yarn …………. damn.



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  1. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    That is a lost art work. In the olden days people wore knitted socks… I’m impressed.


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