Live On Earth – Or Mars


Am I truly going to hurtle into space, away from my home planet on a trip to Mars? Would I even consider such a thing – yes. I have a special relationship with the planet Mars. He was rising on my ascendant at the time of my birth. He, along with Saturn and Neptune, has been giving me trouble ever since.

Years ago, I decided to find an empirical reason why my life was so screwed up. Why did I run from confrontations, but yet long to fight? Deep down and dirty fighting too, not just the screaming your head off kind of fights – kicking, smacking, obliterating kind of fights ……………

So  yes, I would go to Mars. If only to conquer him finally and put him in his place. To let him know he didn’t get the better of me, that my soul has survived irregardless of the need to fight he gave me. I would learn the devil.

But as I leave, knowing I will never live long enough to return, what would I miss here on Earth? I would miss our atmosphere, sunny days when the air smells like a dryer sheet, water as far as the eye can see, thunderstorms and hurricanes and tornadoes that seem to sweep our land clear. I would miss those violent storms because I see Mars in them – but Mars has no water – no life that we know of – only dry, inhospitable soil. No water.

No thunderstorms that carry life-giving water to crops and people, no tornadoes to scare the wits out of us humans and no hurricanes to sweep across the globe, gathering strength and whipping against our shores, destroying our homes and our beaches. No water.

No ocean to sit in front of and watch the waves tumble in, no smell of salt air, no smell of a lobster pound, no lobster traps, no fishing. No water.

No seaweed to turn into a fiber with which to knit, no seaweed to dry and with which to flavor our food, no sharks to bite people. No whales to watch from aboard a boat, freezing to death in Passamaquoddy Bay. No Whales. No water.

No fog, no spray from the ferry as it chugs to shore, no buoys floating to warn of rocks, no maps of charted waters, no sailors braving the sea. No water.

No sand in which to make sand castles. No waves lapping at our feet. No ocean in which to wade, watching all the while for waves. No water.

I’m afraid I have to skip the trip. I would so miss the water.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. You would look good in red. You could knit the perfect pair of reddish Mars like socks for the trip. But yes, no water would be a bummer, big time. Mars was once like us, until it lost it’s atmosphere. Maybe, if we keep it up, we will once again be twins. I think you would have fun but I don’t know how you would bake and that would be upsetting…to me.


  2. Jennifer says:

    Jupiter’s cool!


  3. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    I’m more of a Jupiter man.. I know there is no firm surface but oh the wild colors…


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