Maybe This Will Help


I went to Walgreens yesterday. I know this is exciting for you to read. I mean after all, who gets to shop at Walgreens? I must say it is one of my favorite stores ……….

I bought Coke Zero and Diet Coke for DS. I bought myself two bottles of nail polish for 99 cents each. I bought some rollers because my hair is straight and I get bored with the curling iron. I bought Kleenex, paper towels and toilet paper. I bought some melatonin because it helps me get to sleep ………………. and as I was going to check out, I saw signs on the E-cigarettes. See, if you have a Balance Rewards Card at Walgreens, you get all these special sales. You have to have the card.

I went and looked at the E-Cig things. I could barely understand which one I need. I knew it had to be green for menthol. Regular cigarettes were already on my shopping list. So —– I bought the E-Cig starter pack (it has a USB connection so you can charge it on your computer – weird) and I bought refills which equal a carton of cigarettes. I got 2 for 14.99. Such a steal considering a carton of cigarettes is $60.

It’s weird. The cigarette is heavy because of the battery. I almost dropped it. I keep trying to flick the ashes off the end of it. I put it down in the ashtray, which is a tea-cup saucer (having thrown out all ashtrays once I decided to quit smoking a 100 years ago). It does taste like menthol. I do get a hit.

We’ll just see if this keeps me from actually smoking a ton of cigarettes. You know, the real ones ……..


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  1. suth2 says:

    Glad to hear that the ecigs are working. It is such a difficult thing to give up smoking. This is coming from a reformed smoker. In my youth I smoked far too many cigarettes. I gave up when I became pregnant with our first child.


  2. Relax says:



  3. Jennifer says:

    So far so good – I actually don’t panic without a cigarette! Of course I am still smoking real cigarettes a few a day …… but I went to visit my husband at the nursing home today and didn’t take any with me – just the Ecig and it was fine.


  4. Relax says:

    Let us know how well it works (or not). I’ve been considering it for some time…


  5. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    Whatever works.. Your lungs say thanks:)


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