I Am Where I Am


I don’t need to spin through time to get to the place I want to be. I’m in Maine. When I was young, the idea of traveling to many places grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go.

I read everything I could (well, fiction) about foreign countries. I particularly liked Mary Stewart and Victoria Holt. Romantic locations and faintly exotic, always with a Jane Eyre type romance in them. I read Ann Worboys’ Lion of Delos – surprise, set on Delos.

The place I most wanted to be was Maine. I had a vision of an ocean front home, gray cedar shingles, not a neighbor for as far as the eye could see. I envisioned a garden, tumbling down to the beach. I saw myself paddling in what I assumed would be warm water. That was wrong – there is no warm ocean water in Maine.

I didn’t visualize 20 feet of snow in my driveway and the need to get out and go places. I didn’t envision the sheer poverty of a lot of Mainers due both to a lack of good jobs and also due to the high cost of living. I didn’t envision the homeless living in our two most populist cities. I see that now.

I still am where I want to be. In a “Bangor Box” home with 4 rooms up and 4 rooms down. With a twist, as I have a porch on the side of my home that was enclosed and a room that was added with it. So I have 6 rooms down and 4 up. I have bay windows over each other – not true bay windows, but one large window with two regular size windows on an angle at each side. My living room is an octagon. My bedroom is an octagon. My sewing room looks over Broadway Park. Bangor has community parks all over. There are so many I couldn’t even tell you their names. I know my park. I have a sun porch on the second floor with 8 windows all on three sides. I plan to clear out the storage tubs which contained fabric, fiber, junk. I want to turn this room into a sitting room. I had used it for painting and spinning, until I gave up spinning (or it gave me up).

My kitchen is a wreck. I started painting it and haven’t finished. I started painting it two years ago …….. or maybe a year ago, I can’t remember. My dishwasher died. A smelly death. I have a premium gas stove and electric oven. I had to buy that when we moved here. I can’t cook on a bad stove after having a Garland in PEI. I love my stove.

My house needs work. But there is no money for that on a monthly basis. And since the housing bubble popped, a home equity loan is not an option. It’s a shame because I’d spend the equity in my house in a heartbeat. A new kitchen would be first ……………

But I still love my house. It will be 100 next year. It has seen many comings and goings. And it is in Maine. Where I’ve always wanted to be. Here. Now.




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  1. Jennifer says:

    God that’s weird! No we sure didn’t. Our son went to school there but couldn’t find a job because he wasn’t from the Island. One of the people fishing in our trout pond offered to knock my husband out —- the people who got our hay for nothing off the front 8 acres wouldn’t speak to us if they saw us in Montague. I had a check out clerk at Sobey’s tell me that she hated rich Americans. Guess I have an accent cause i sure don’t have any money, I lived right across the river from Windsor and we went there all the time and to Niagra and Toronto – where people are at least pleasant. I only had one friend on PEI in 8 years and he is a pot smoking dude who believes in aliens. Really. Nicest guy on the Island.


  2. suth2 says:

    My mum and dad lived there for three years during the war. My dad was teaching Canadians to fly planes. My elder sister was born in Charlottetown.

    Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your time there.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Unfortinately! I hated it and we wer there for 8 years. Islanders hate people from away – even if they are from Toronto! Americans they really hate and they don’t like it when you buy a home they can’t afford. They made our lives miserable! They can shove anne of green gables up there you know! Yeah i lived there.


  4. suth2 says:

    Did you used to live in Prince Edward Island? PEI?


  5. Jennifer says:

    I love my old house …….


  6. I’m glad that you are where you want to be, even if it does need some work. 🙂


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