He Loved His Lunch


Today was another visit to the nursing home. Honestly, they have more fantastic activities, I’m almost sorry I don’t live there. Nah. Anyway, there’s a BBQ on June 12 in honor of Father’s Day – we’re both going to that one and his presents will be here tomorrow so we can take them along or wait until the Sunday.

Then there’s a fire in the fire pit and a Classic Car Show on the 13th! I mean that’s the day after the BBQ. They’re going to serve S’mores so I’d better go to supervise. Really.

Then they’re going to go to Cole’s Museum to see the antique transportation. Now if they have trains, DH will be in heaven. He loves trains. He collected hundreds of model trains – I’d go to work, come home and him and the kid would have been out buying model trains ……… I finally went and bought him a new truck because he was using my car so much and I told him I couldn’t lay down HO track all the way to his work ……… so that’s the 19th – on the 20th they are having an ice cream social and then on the 26th they’re going to come to the Bangor Waterfront and hang out. I can tell you I didn’t have any of this fun stuff for him to do.

Today he was visited by the delectable taste of McDonald’s, including fries and a chocolate shake. He was one happy camper. He ate it all.

It’s so nice that he’s in a place where he can have interesting things to do. A lady comes and plays the piano for them twice a week and someone comes with a harp too. There’s always something going on. And the garden is in bloom, which is a lovely place to go sit for an hour.

Sad to be in a nursing home, glad to have something to do and you know, I think he’s used to it and pretty happy there. I miss having him at home and I know he does too, but if this had to be, at least he’s in a good place.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Odd thing is, it chose us. I put him on the waiting list and two days later they called. He was already qualified for nursing home care. So it was just luck because he had to go somewhere QUICK!


  2. suth2 says:

    You obviously chose a great nursing home for your beloved.


  3. Relax says:

    It sounds like a wonderful place!


  4. Jennifer says:

    Thankfully there is no pee smell where he’s at. I hate pee smell. It would have been the end. I’m not sure how they do it but they all have a potty schedule …..


  5. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    All the nursing places I’ve worked in aren’t so pleasant smelling places but bravo…


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