I Am The Patron Saint of Witches


A hundred years ago, nay three hundred years ago, nay today, I am the Patron Saint of Witches. I have a small following, as the cultural revolution is  complete.

What started as a directive from Pope John XXII spread throughout our world. Anyone suspected of practicing magic was to be prosecuted. Was it a coincidence that most of those are women? We have lost so many to the fires of the stake.

And what is the purpose, this eliminating of my followers? Is it to rid the world of heretics? No, the heretics are still here. They kill indiscriminately, they infect the collective conscious mind with duality. Thoughts of good and bad, high and low, dark and light, right and left, rich and poor.

Is it to rid our world of women? Surely not as women are needed at least as vehicles upon which to beget pious followers. They must have women.

Is it to beat down the spirit of those who strive to better the world, so that those doing the beating can control what happens? Is it to eliminate the possibility of hope of a brighter future, a kind world where no one cares to harm others?

Or is it just to strip civilization of its feelings of worth, formerly affirmed by the Old Religion? Hard work and self-discipline, as defined by the organized religions, are now symbols of godliness manifest on Earth. The accumulation of profit is more god-like than the selfless concern for your fellow-man. There is a sense of futility that permeates the population on the bottom of the economic pyramid.

My followers remember a time when rich didn’t mean god-like and favored, when motherhood was not evil and material and the mother child bond was not seen as debilitating to a male child, when women were not seen as objects, things to be used by men to assist them in their grasp of wealth. The people KNOW a time when mothers were the most valued members of society; where wealth meant having enough to eat, a warm place to sleep and people to love and who love you; when looking at a tree could invoke the spirit of the Goddess; when trees were not tools to be used to gain wealth, but when trees were beautiful just because they were trees and made by the Goddess.

And what do my followers have now? Work has replaced family life, loving and pleasure, people are negatively motivated. It is not pleasant to be poor, therefore the negative feelings attached to bing a failure economically, reinforce the motivation to forsake pleasure and family life and channel all one’s energies into accumulating wealth. Not for the sake of wealth alone is this done, but for the purpose of eliminating the negative emotion of failure, defined by someone else.

My followers want their heritage back. We need to rewrite our culture so that future generations will not be subjected to the horrendous ramifications of a society that hates one-half its members. We need to abort the very real possibility of the complete destruction of our Earth that began with the male takeover of power some 2,000 years ago. Can we see another way where we “dream the dark in order to see the light”? Has the Goddess risen up out of Her slumber to guide us on our quest for equality, for humanity? Can we, will we, hear the prayers of our ancient sisters, burning at the stake for practicing magic but still concerned for all who come after them?  What will life be like, when God is, once again, a Woman? Or will we once again, burn Her at the stake until dead?




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  1. She’s not dead she lives those of us who believe in Her. Her children populate the earth. Men fear her power that’s why they hunt us, to break Her spell but it’s a spell that cannot be broken because it’s All That Is. Thank you for this Jennifer. Love it.


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