Getting It Done ………. Socks with Sarah KAL May Challenge Done!

I finished my fifth sock! I used my own Roman Rib pattern for the cuff. When the sock is relaxed and just sitting there, the ribbing looked heavy almost poodle-like. I almost ripped it out and did a stockinette stitch but as the whole point of the Socks With Sarah May Challenge was to do something different, I left it alone. And you know what? When I put that first finished sock on my foot – it was wonderful – it stretched beautifully and the sock fits like a dream.


I made this pair of socks smaller by casting on only 60 stitches instead of 64. My other two pairs of socks were so large that I gave them to DS. Yes, they are bright. He doesn’t mind and thinks it’s a hoot to wear wild socks. Who knew? Anyway the smaller sock fits a lot better and I also shortened the foot about an inch. I still used my size 1 Signature Needle Arts DPNS. I love those needles.

Another view or two:


And the cuff pattern:


My pink sock yarn turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. It almost makes your teeth hurt to look at it – I wanted to stop the second sock of the challenge and start on the pink ones, but I made myself just get the second sock done.


I have many more blank skeins to play with and will get more and more. I think I’ve bought my last commercial sock yarn …………. it’s so easy to get my own colors and patterns going.

Earlier in the week I made it into the sewing room and managed to clear all the yarn off my sewing table. I then (ta da) cut out a t-shirt and sewed it up in a couple of days. I wore it yesterday to visit my husband and one of the staff told me I should be in fashion design – or sell them on the internet – or at the million craft fairs – Like ah no. I told her that’d be great but then I’d have to make them all and I don’t ever see me going into production! It was nice to cut something out, sew it up and wear it without all the drama of trying to deal with slippery fabric. I have much fabric waiting for inspiration and also I have a pattern for a Daily Mail Bag – it does look like a mailman’s pouch – that I’m going to make out of copper faux leather. I haven’t sewn with leather or faux leather before but hey I’m willing to give it a try.

Here’s the fabric/faux leather for the bag.


This will be my go to bag for the summer.

I had a great visit with DH yesterday. He was in his room watching an old movie on TCM and we watched it together. He loves old black and white movies dearly. He didn’t want me to leave after a couple of hours! I stayed a little longer and then took off. We are all going to a cook out at the nursing home for Father’s Day on the 12th. We’ve been trying to figure out what to get him and have latched onto the idea of a watch. We think he’ll like that. Also I am planning to get him National Geographic or any other magazine I can think of that he would like. It will be nice when he gets the magazine in the mail and is surprised.

So that’s what I’ve been doing ………… I think I need to be busier.



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh goodie! See how I miss you? 🙂


  2. Denise says:

    Absolutely knackered – just took day off to have carpenter to fix door, estate agent to photograph, EPC man to do energy certificate and fencing people to quote.

    Just about to post – first time I have had time to myself for days.

    But nice to hear from you 🙂


  3. Jennifer says:

    OK I need an update …… how’s the house thing going? Too much work – never fear – it will end in boxes! 🙂


  4. suth2 says:

    You really are the sock wizard. I love the pink wool you have created.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Is this the new house? I’m really not super nosey – but I super love looking at houses! And I love this one ……….


  6. Denise says:

    Looks so soft and comfy.


  7. Definitely…busier…all you do is waste time. Baking, visiting, knitting, sewing and I don’t eve know what else, you slacker…LOLOL Oh, yes, let’s not forget reading. 🙂 Perhaps you could try water ballet or ballet itself. Maybe running a construction crew or OPENING A RESTAURANT, so others could eat your yummy food while you are sewing clothes to sell in your speciality shop. LOL Never a dull moment. I’m still getting over the fact that you knit socks…well that and I admit I do dream about your bread, but other than that. 🙂


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