A “Free” Concert

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Several Thursday evenings throughout the summer, we who live close to downtown Bangor are treated to music. Loud music. Luckily it doesn’t go on forever, but man is it loud.

I heard the sound check going on yesterday afternoon. I thought either someone was driving down the street with a REALLY loud stereo at first. And then I remembered the concerts ………..

We have a venue that seems to attract quite a few stars to little old Bangor, Maine. It’s on the waterfront on the Penobscot River and is called Darling’s Waterfront Pavillion. In order to get there from my house, I would need to drive two blocks, turn right, drive two blocks, turn left, keep going one block and follow Main Street down past the middle bridge. We have three bridges in Bangor leading us to Brewer, Maine – hardly ever called our sister city but a city none the less right across the river.

I would say that it’s less than two miles from my home to the pavilion. But that’s driving. It feels like the concerts are being held in my front yard. I can hear everything – even the cheers from the fans. Amazing.

I didn’t mind last night’s concert. It was Tim McGraw and the music wasn’t acid rock. Two weeks ago, it was acid rock with a group I’d never heard of and don’t want to hear again.

But still – who can beat a free concert? If only Placido Domingo would go on tour and come to Bangor. We saw him in Detroit way back in 1992 or ’93. He was awesome.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    It’s so funny because I know there are concerts all the time. I’m going to look up the schedule to see who’s next.


  2. Denise says:

    Somewhat kill joy but you do have to wonder about the fans’ eardrums if the volume is so loud when it reaches you two miles away.

    On the plus side, yeah, a free concert sounds good. I think I would rather enjoy the unexpected nature of the offerings.


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