I Should Be Somewhere ……….


Today is my visiting day at the nursing home. There is also a Care Plan meeting for DH starting in about 40 minutes. I can’t go. I still haven’t replaced the tire that went flat on Sunday while I was visiting the last time. There are just months when I have to wait for payday for big expenditures and this is one of them. Of course, one is still paying the gods at the oil company ———– not to mention buying sock yarn. Cheez.

I spoke with the head nurse yesterday and asked if we could postpone the meeting. The answer was no. Seems they have to do this at a particular time based on some computer program or other. You would think that they could be a bit flexible. Obviously not. I explained to her my situation. I spoke with her about his eating and his weight. He’s eating more in his room now and liking it better. He also has whatever meat they serve ground up for him. He has difficulty swallowing because of his disease. She said they were keeping an eye on him when he is in his room eating because of the choking potential. Great.

Since I won’t get a new tire until Saturday or next Monday, I will have to call him regularly and let him know why I’m not there.  DS got pretty snotty about me thinking I could drive on a tire that had to be fixed. He did put air in it for me. I hope it stayed in there. There are errands to run today and/or tomorrow so hopefully the damn thing will stay inflated. I may need to get DS out there to change a tire which will be interesting. Not that he’s lazy or anything. Snort. Double Snort.

This is one of those TBMC – Things Beyond My Control – and since control is my middle name …………. yuck yuck yuck.

These things make me nuts. I am not a coordinated person. I can barely use a screwdriver. If I could change the tire with knitting needles it might work. I don’t even know what kind of spare tire I have. I have to look. My luck I’ll jack it up and the damn thing will crash and burn. I’d rather take taxis everywhere than deal with this stupid car. When I think how much money I’d save ……… I’m almost tempted.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    I know, right? I was like what? Something to do with Medicare or something – great – government run health care – I just love it. I’m going tomorrow –


  2. Grrrrr. Annoyed on your behalf that they won’t postpone.


  3. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    If it meant that you go then it will happen. If not then you won’t go. Have compassion on your suffering.


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