Oh Well It’s Sunday on a Holiday Weekend …………


One thing I’m sure about – I can do anything. Except maybe change a tire – I’ve never tried it.

Today I took off early to go visit my husband in the nursing home. This involves a drive on the interstate of about 6 miles and another 2 miles down a country road.

I go in, visit with hubby, we go to his room after about 1/2 an hour and we visit some more. Then I have to go to the bathroom, so I go out to the lobby. I decide to have a quick cigarette while I’m there (yes I smoke, I know it’s bad but I smoke for health reasons – everybody else’s mental health). I get outside and there’s only my car with the passenger side facing me. This is a side I don’t see too often. I do have DS check tire pressure every so often ………….

So short story – I had a flat tire. Now I think it may have been going on for a while because I’ve had this annoying TPMS warning on my dashboard forever. It won’t go away, even when the tire pressure is up. I’m thinking it’s just faulty. The last few weeks the car has been pulling to the right ………… well why not? We have more pot holes than dogs have fleas. I’m sure the wheels are out of balance.

So. I panicked just a bit. I’m sure I have a spare tire. I’m also sure I’m not putting it on. It never dawned on me to call someone to have the tire put on. I have a car kit for emergencies and I whipped out my tire inflator stuff and went to work. I inflated it.

I drove home – after telling hubby why I had to go – and I made it. Thank. God. I do not have a cell phone. I detest cell phones. I should I guess get one for times like these. I drove the interstate coming back although at first I thought I should stick to the back roads. And then I thought about me stuck in the middle of no where looking for help. I jumped on the interstate.

I stopped at a tire store – closed on Sunday. I come home, look on the web for tire places – most of which are closed tomorrow too. I have to be at the nursing home on Wednesday. So I call Sears (not one of my favorite places, but what the hell) and the guy says he’ll call me back. That was at 3:15, they close at 5 and the prick didn’t call back. I wonder why I don’t like Sears – BTW this is the Sears at Bangor Mall, just in case you want to boycott them. I will from now on.

I’ll start my search for a new tire – and I don’t care what they say, I’m only buying one – tomorrow. There is a tire store open that’s out in BFE. I hope the damn thing stays inflated until I can get to a tire place. Otherwise sonny boy will learn how to help me change a tire.

What a great adventure. Luckily I had stuck that emergency kit – which was on the back porch for over two years – in my car. You never know ………….. oh and they say not to use that inflation stuff because it ruins the tire. Ah. Sunday on a Holiday Weekend………………….


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  1. Denise says:

    That is very worrying being out without a cell phone like that… funnily enough I blew a tire (tyre in the UK!) on Saturday. I whacked it on a kerb hidden by a puddle and by the time I found somewhere to stop to change it, it was shredded. I am always getting flats so am somewhat experiened at tire changing. Good luk with the search.


  2. Jennifer says:

    I might —— I don’t have AAA. I think my car insurance might send someone out — I have no clue. I guess a cell phone is in my future …..


  3. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    You must have AAA or some comparable insurance roadside service.


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