Mary Had A Little Lamb Part II

dragon fruit

Once again I tucked into the kitchen, cleaned off the island, got out the dye pot and another skein of yarn is steaming.

My last skein was done in four colors and turned out dark rather than bright. Pictures to follow – I promise. It is still wonderful and will make excellent socks – just not as exuberant as I like.

I needed inspiration for my next dye job. I went to one of my favorite yarn shops online and looked at my wish list. I quickly decided to try a pink gradient color this time.

I’m using fiber reactive dyes instead of the usual acid dye for wool. I soaked my yarn – which this time is a lovely and wonderful single ply with a very high twist in merino – in a solution of about 2 cups water and 4 cups vinegar.

When I made my dye solution, I used 2 heaping teaspoons of dye powder and pasted it up. I then diluted it with about a cup of water – just using my eyeball – nothing fancy.

I then poured some of this off into another container and added more water. I took the second bunch and dumped it into another container and added more water and did the same with the third mixture.

I added salt to each cup – about 1/2 to 1 tsp – then I started spooning dye onto the yarn. Foam brushes are on my shopping list …….. when I got to the palest pink, I dumped out half of it and added more water to make the teensiest hint of color.

I then wrapped it all up in the plastic wrap it was laying on and it is steaming away —– I cannot wait to see it.

The color I used is Dragon Fruit – hence the picture – it really does look that bright!


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