My Peeps With Love


One of the loves of my life, my Dad. He was a carpenter, he was intelligent and sharp. He went through life as an optimist. He made things with his bare hands. I love him.


My Uncle Lester. You will see him in a later picture. He was funny, irreverent, spent a lot of time trying to get rich quick and died of a broken neck in a one-car accident at the young age of 51. He was a truck driver and when he would come through our town he would stop and see us. He was the most wonderful uncle a girl could have. I still miss him.


I wish this were clearer. I need a scanner – I have one but the drivers won’t work with the new OS. Pooh. This is the apple – on the left and the tree – on the right. This is my son and I at approximately the same age.


The carpenters! My Grandpa Carey on the left, Uncle Arlen in the middle and my father ………. aren’t they serious? I think they were pissed off at each other – as per usual.


As promised – my Uncle Les on the right and Dad on the left – such handsome men!


Mom saved every picture her family, Dad’s family and our family has ever had. I have two large tubs full of nothing but pictures from the past and the very past. I have photos of my maternal great-grandparents sitting outside their home, pictures of relatives from the Civil War, pictures of gravestones ……… you name it  and it is in there. I need to do something about these ……………. I think it’s going to mean I have to get a scanner ……………


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Dad couldn’t get into the Army in WWII because of his sinuses – so he went to Vancouver, WA and welded ships for Kaiser Ship Company. They had a lot of ships to build because of Pearl Harbor!


  2. suth2 says:

    Love getting a glimpse of your family. My dad was a carpenter too and he then went on to become a pilot in the RAF.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! I just love these pictures ….


  4. Yes yes yes! You must make something of all these pictures. (And please post more here: the little bit of family history you’ve given is fascinating.)


  5. Jennifer says:

    I think Ben will keep the pictures …….. since he’s so darn visual!


  6. Ah, another hobby and thing for you to do. Wonderful. It will be so much fun getting everything in order. I still like scrapbooks or albums where the pictures aren’t behind plastic, so you can see them. (After you save them on your computer) It’s like the difference between a book and a Kindle. I have made things with my old family pictures and things and Deb has them but the kids will probably throw everything away. No one is interested in family history in our family, so if they keep it, it won’t mean anything and no one will remember a single thing about anyone. That’s the way it goes.


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