Almost The End of May!


No roses blooming here yet! The azaleas are in full bloom and almost done for the year. There are two large bushes outside my husband’s window in the garden at the nursing home. They have this lovely flower garden with a wooden path and a gazebo in the court-yard between the two wings. They have bird feeders and raised beds and it’s just beautiful.

If you could see it without rain, that is. It has been raining since Friday night – today’s Wednesday. It hasn’t been sprinkles either but rather torrential downpours. Everyone is complaining about aches and pains and DS has had a headache in the back of his head for 4 days. He never gets headaches.  I’m sure it will dry out soon ………..

I had an excellent visit today with DH. I took him a set of rubber duckies (thanks to Gigi over at )There’s a Mommy duck and three baby ducks. I put them on the ledge under his window. I also took him some Maine Home magazines which have awesome pictures.

I had a happy surprise when I went in this morning. He was playing bingo. He could actually put the bingo things on the numbers. Now I know this sounds strange, but I don’t have any idea what he can read or remember because he doesn’t speak hardly at all. Just to say yes, no and make his typical noises of pleasure or displeasure. He was also able to tell me that the dishwasher had an electrical melt down. Ah. I said, are you sure it wasn’t the motor. He said no, the wires ………. euw. I’m glad it shut down all by itself! I’ll have to check and see if it blew a circuit breaker. I don’t think there’s anything else on that circuit so it might have.

I stopped at the grocery store because last week I forgot garlic. Heavens. I cannot cook without garlic. Someday I’m going to make spaghetti carbonara. We’re always too full for it when I think I’m going to do it. We’re going to kill it and eat it tonight – if you can find it, kill it and eat it. I think it’s going to be yellow rice and broccoli for me ………….

I also bought vinegar at the store because tomorrow I paint yarn. I have five large skeins of BFL/nylon sock yarn along with two skeins of merino single ply high twist sock yarn. I’m only going to do a couple of skeins – maybe just one – and I can’t wait. I have no clue which colors I’m going to use yet – I have at least 20 pots of dye in the cupboard and I’ll make up my mind tomorrow.

I stayed longer on my visit today. It is SO nice to be able to take him to his room and allow him to eat there. Sometimes he eats in his room and sometimes he sits in the dining room. I’m so glad they’re flexible. Today he cleaned his plate! They’ve switched him to ground meat and he had mashed potatoes with gravy, chicken and green beans and a slice of whole wheat bread. He had pears for dessert. Everybody was jumping up and down that he actually ate! He couldn’t stuff the green beans in his mouth fast enough. He’s the big vegetable eater of the family – give me a donut and I’m happy. Maybe a broccoli donut ……

Medicare was there today (and all week) doing their inspection. It was funny – when I walked in the administrator asked if he could help me. Ah yes sir I’m just visiting my husband? I wonder who he thought I was – he’s seen me there before but I guess this Medicare inspection has everyone on their toes! What a pain in the ass that would be – they do a great job and naturally the government, which cannot wipe its own ass without assistance, is telling them how to do their job …………. I’m glad there are inspections, but really – a week?

I’m ready to start the heel flap on my sock! So far so good although the Roman Rib pattern is a little more textured than what I’m used to. DS has informed me that he wouldn’t mind a few pair of handmade socks …….

I hope we get through this God awful deluge we’re having! In 2009 I swear it rained the whole summer. After the winter we had, I’m hoping for some hot and dry weather!

After my reading of Inferno, I needed to get the taste out of my mouth and I downloaded Five Red Herrings by Dorothy L. Sayers. I’ve read it before years ago and had totally forgotten most of it. It was the exact thing I needed to clear Dan Brown out of my mind! I’m now reading Have His Carcase by Sayers and it is just as great. I want to re-read another book by Ngaio Marsh and I need to go on a hunt. I know it’s here somewhere —– it isn’t available on Kindle so I will have to turn pages ……. poor me.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I have to be!


  2. suth2 says:

    You are one busy lady.


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