Time for Some Ayurveda


The seasons are changing ………. very very slowly here in Maine. We’re having a very damp spring and unusually cool too. My bones and joints feel like they’re moulding.

As the seasons change, no matter what your Ayurvedic constitution is, it’s a good time for a cleanse followed by rejuvenation.  You can find out your innate dosha or constitution at banyanbotanicals.com. After you know your dosha, you know where to begin with keeping yourself well-balanced. Even with the best of intentions, imbalances occur and most often during the change in seasons.

I have a complex dosha, pitta/kapha. In the winter, I tend to imbalanced kapha. In the spring/summer pitta gets out of balance and I need to work at balancing pitta more than anything.

Some of the ways I do this are adopting a routine. Waking up at the same time, showering, eating, meditating and exercising at or about the same times daily. Also – boy I wish I could do this more – I have to cut out junk food. No refined sugar, potato chips, donuts, cookies or home-baked treats or my favorite Bolthouse Farms Multi-V fruit juice. Ugh. I think sugar should be the basis of every healthy diet – but it is not.

I have learned to curb sugar with naturally sweet vegetables and fruit. Pumpkin, carrots, berries, anything that is fresh and whole works. I try to eliminate bread type food. I cannot control myself around bread.

A cleanse involves a week or so eating nothing  but kitchari – an Indian food made from mung dal with spices and rice. It is very good and you can add fresh vegetables on the side or in the dish itself. This allows your dosha to reset itself during the cleanse so that you can remove toxins that have developed from either poor eating habits, stress, etc. I like doing this. It makes me mentally sharper, calmer and peaceful.

Once the cleanse is done, then I begin a period of one to three months of rejuvenation. as explained on the banyanbotanicals.com website. These involve diet, exercise, habit and mental rebalancing.

The benefits are amazing. Clear skin, longevity, a calmer mental outlook ……….. maybe even some poundage dropped!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Me too – but boy I love my sugar …………


  2. Denise says:

    Very informative. It’s good to know what your body responds to. I respond best to vegetables, a few grains, and meat. So why I get into the cycle of sugary and bread based foods beats me…


  3. Jennifer says:

    Knitting and eating chocolate ……..


  4. sure – the way to the heart is through the diet – and i thought it was only possible through knitting


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