Deep Sigh of Relief


Love little piggy. I just had to stick him in here today ……..

I took off early this morning for a trip to visit DH. I stopped at the store and then headed out into the country. I actually saw a tiny red fox in the meridian on the interstate! I’m not a big fan of foxes – they kill for no reason – but I hope the little thing didn’t have to cross the interstate. People drive like hell here.

I have yet to see a moose in Maine. Thank.God. Driving over here from PEI on the old highway, at night, I was so scared I was going to hit one that I drove about 35 miles an hour. The logging trucks, fully loaded, zoomed around me on the two-lane road and scared the crap out of me. By the time we got to our hotel, I was exhausted.

I haven’t seen a bear yet in Maine either and again, thank God. I saw one driving back to PEI from New Brunswick. I’m coming down a hill and I see this black thing in the distance walking across the interstate. It was pretty far away and I thought it was a dog. No, it was a baby black bear. Luckily it’s Mama wasn’t right behind it or we would have had a messy encounter. And thankfully the bears hadn’t started walking over the bridge to PEI so there weren’t any on the Island – they don’t let them take the ferry either.

I got to the nursing home and DH was sitting out in the dining area. The social worker – a really awesome person – asked to see me for a minute. I needed to sign a paper stating I knew that he belonged in the memory care unit and we talked about his functioning dementia level – which I am glad to say has not changed a bit in a year. We also talked about his not eating and them stopping his anxiety medication and the improvement they have seen. She has seen him have a tremor in his arm – which I noticed for the first time too – and she thought it might be that medication. We also talked about his not eating and not wanting to be fed by anyone on the staff.

Now here’s the simple answer to that, which never dawned on me. He does not want to be fed in front of people. She said it was a real dignity issue and is the same with her mother who is also there but in a different unit. She said that they had tried him in his room for lunch and not only did he eat, he fed himself. Well hell’s bells – was it really that simple – that gut-wrenching problem I have tried to solve for three months? Just put him in his room and he eats? Guess what – he’ll be eating in his room at every meal from now on. I am ecstatic. I went with him to his room while he ate today and he only needed a bit of help with the mashed potatoes. Other than that, he ate half his lunch and he did great. And, without the anxiety medication and with being in the wheelchair so he doesn’t have to be afraid of falling – he is much more animated and “with” it. We had a great visit – I no longer wanted to smack myself silly and all is well.

I am so fortunate to have found this place for him. When I started visiting nursing homes, I despaired of finding the right place. The first one was god awful to me even though it was in town. The others had waiting lists that went on forever. I didn’t even visit this one because at that point he was falling daily and I just needed a safe place NOW. Even so, it has turned out to be the absolutely most wonderful place and I couldn’t be happier. He likes it too – of course he’d rather be at home, but he’s safe and content. They do wonderful outings and take him with them because he is not a behavioral nightmare and so he gets out. I am thrilled.

We have 7 days of gloom and rain to look forward to. I don’t know what happened to our hot dry summer except maybe it just hasn’t made its way to Maine yet. It’s cool and damp today. And I need a nap ……….


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Moose are like 10 feet high and weigh around 1500 lbs I think. Hit one with your car and you will feel it!


  2. Gosh, it’s wonderful that there’s such a simple solution – and one that doesn’t involve more medication. Your local wildlife sounds scary, though!


  3. Jennifer says:

    The whole staff there is fantastic – they don’t have a big turnover – which is great because there’s not new people for the patients to get used to. I can now relax. Thank.God.


  4. I’m so happy for you:) What a wonderful woman she is to notice and care.


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