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A year or so ago we quit shopping at Walmart. Thank.God. You couldn’t trust a thing that was fresh. The produce would mold before you got it out of the bag. They had tons of frozen food if you want to eat that way – I like to cook.

We went back to a REAL grocery store ……… the one closest to our home (there are 4 of them in a town of 35K people) isn’t the largest. It doesn’t have huge frozen food cabinets or a large selection of natural foods. It has a huge selection of produce which lasts and lasts and lasts.

While out on our dinner a couple of days ago, neither of us could get dessert. I could barely swallow my whole meal ……….. but there were pictures of stuff on the table and we had to walk out by the huge cream puffs, eclairs, cheesecakes, etc. The cream horns were 8″ long and about 4″ wide. One would have fed a small country.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way back from the nursing home yesterday. Out of self-defense because we were down to artichokes and spinach. It would have meant more Chinese food – and I will say the best restaurant in Bangor is two blocks away from us and the owner is a vegetarian and makes Sesame Tofu to die for ………..

Along with good, healthy food – I brought home a Truffle Cake – it is what it sounds like with chocolate cake, chocolate cream and all covered in a dark chocolate shell. Man.

I was going to make a chocolate cheesecake.  I started mentally adding up what I would need. When I went over the price of the Truffle Cake – I stopped and went back and got it. I must say it’s been the best part of the shopping trip – I haven’t opened my ice cream yet.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Doesn’t exactly fit into the “diet”. Just this once …..


  2. Jennifer says:

    There will be another one …….. house hunting can be time consuming for sure! Nice that you would be in a “best town”. Bangor has been called the epitome of small town America – by Stephen King! He lives here …….. has a great big huge wondrous house with bats and spiders on the wrought iron fence – gorgeous place.


  3. Denise says:

    The house we were going to see got bought! It only went on in March. It’s crazy in Lewes – The Sunday Times keeps putting it as one of the best towns to live in the country which of course means that estate agents are swarming with enquiries all the time.

    Just have to hold out keep calm and enjoy the looking.

    Hang out at the Walmart… what fun… ?


  4. Jennifer says:

    Big no thank you – terrible mob place – people go there to “hang out” —- honestly I felt like I needed to take a shower —–


  5. Jennifer says:

    Yes it is! We eat a lot better now and I don’t have to brave those weird crowds at Walmart. I swear people go there to “hang out.” How’s the house hunting?


  6. Denise says:

    Good for you for turning your back on the mass and opting for a store that stocks quality food. Much better all round.


  7. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    Walmart is systematically destroying the middle class.. Lousy wages, no health care, stuff from China… No thank you:)


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