I Don’t Even Believe It

A controlled rant. It is May, 2014. There are political monkeyshines going on all over – as per usual. Ever since Watergate and all of its drama, we’ve been faced with “just like Nixon” scandals all the time. And interminable investigations, some of which I agree with, some I don’t. Instead of investigating it would be nice if they legislated? Maybe?

So now, we’re in a midterm election cycle. Which means the blowhards that run our lives will do nothing until December of 2014. Lovely. Supposedly this will make a difference. I think the best difference is they can’t screw anything up if they aren’t doing anything …………

But daily I am faced with Will He/She or Won’t She/He run for president. Which election, I must remind you, is two years away. Of course they need to raise a gazillion dollars – but still – it’s two years from now.

So here’s my take on the will they crap – shut up. The presidential election cycle is long enough without extending it to four years right after the last one. They have the right idea in Canada. Their election for prime minister (not having a president) lasts only 30 days during which the only campaigning can be done, the only advertisements run. And they vote on paper ballots. Of course, they do have one-tenth of our population, but really. A month is long enough …………..


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  1. Jennifer says:

    We just have downright nasty mud wrestling – for years and years and years. A government with a parliament is lot different from our republic. Even if the majority is the president’s party it doesn’t mean a lot. Although it will be nice if we get the majority in the other party this time ….. then we can start undoing some of the administration’s BIG mistakes.


  2. Denise says:

    Prime Minister isn’t quite the same as President… I don’t really understand how in politics, but the feeling is certainly different. We do have long campaigns here, but they’re always a bit half hearted and bickery, rather than pomp and circumstance.


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