Not Boring Hair


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After my ill-informed purchase of L’Oreal Down Town Brown (love the name) and after reading the very fine print on the insert of the box (NOT ON THE DAMN BOX) and learning that it would do nothing to lift the color if dark brown hair color had ever, in a million years, been applied – I had to punt.

Years ago, before I left PEI (in the dust) I used one of the kits. I used a lighter overall color and the bleach for the highlights lifted my colored hair to strawberry blonde. I haven’t tried it again.

I had purchased this and used the overall color part – and didn’t do the highlights. So I thought, hmm, why not? Instead of re-coloring my hair first, I just applied the highlights over my already dark brown hair. Voila! I have highlights. They are supposed to be caramel and I guess you could said they are. I was careful and only highlighted tiny strands around my face and a few in the back and under the layers of my hair. I have a bob (more or less) layered haircut. So I picked out the layers a bit. Also I am letting my bangs grow out, being sick to death of them falling in my face. So far – so good. DS did not scream in dismay when he saw me.

So much for fun this morning ………. I have begun my Hermione’s Everyday Sock with my adaptations. I did a k2p2 rib instead of the k1p1 rib in the pattern instructions. I won’t be carrying the pattern down the foot, being lazy,  and I will do my preferred heel flap.

I go back to visit DH tomorrow. It is very mild here finally. It was 74 yesterday and people were bitching about the heat! It dipped down to 39 last night so we didn’t have long to bitch! Ah life in the mountains …….. very pleasant.

I am planning an outing for myself – since I hardly go anywhere except the nursing home, the grocery store and the drug store – I’m heading down to the coast before the Summer Complaints arrive – which will be when school’s out. I will take my camera. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to Acadia National Park, but that is the goal. It will depend on how much of it is open. I am really looking forward to it – I need to see the ocean.


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  1. Sounds like a nice trip. Glad your hair turned out okay:)


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