Memo to Self – Read Reviews Before You Buy


Shoot. After a fantastic lunch – to which I was treated by DS – and a great visit with DH – we went to the drug store.

A side note here. I have difficult hair. It is so straight that when I was a child, my mother couldn’t even bend it around a roller. She tried repeatedly. It would just pop out. I have the hair of my Native American ancestors.

It is thick and it has been very dark brown. Now, if I were silly enough to let it grow out, it would be an amalgamation of dark brown, steel-gray and some light gray. It is NOT attractive. I am not old enough to walk around with gray hair. I will never be old enough to have skunk hair. So I color it.

I have seen this new product from L’Oreal Feria called Down Town Brown – and Hi Lift. Now the color on the box is gorgeous. Sort of a caramel, taffy color. It would be drastic for me, always being dark brown to go lighter. But I kind of thought “Why not?” The worst thing that could happen is that I would hate it and I would cover it up with dark brown hair color. Another side note, I’m an ex (very ex, I hated doing it) hairdresser. So I’ve paid my dues mixing color, giving perms, cutting hair, etc. I’ve also spent at least two years flipping’ screwing up my hair by coloring it every couple of weeks.

So I bought the box. I brought it home, thinking I’d do it today. I don’t go back to see DH until Wednesday and I could fix it by then. And then I read the reviews.

It seems it will only lift “virgin” hair. Who, pray tell, has VIRGIN HAIR????? My hair’s been colored so long it hasn’t a clue what it feels like to be “virgin”.

I am distressed. I wanted lighter hair. I am not going to mess with it – I’m going to take my sorry butt to my hairdresser and let her do it. I’ll bet she tries to talk me out of it. I can just hear her now. Well, if I can’t have lighter hair, I’ll get highlighted hair. That would be okay.

So memo to self – please read reviews.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Hair is not hair when you are female and it is turning gray – then it is just nasty ………


  2. Jennifer says:

    My great-great-grandmother was Native American. The story goes that my GGGrandfather married her so she wouldn’t have to walk the Trail of Tears. When I did the genealogy thing, I found him – Ishom Wright – what a name – and he married a woman known only as Susannah – no other name. I think he gave that to her. My grandma was Nancy Katherine Susannah – my grandpa shortened that to Nancy Katherine!


  3. Denise says:

    Reviews are helpful but… I have never heard of such a product that will only lift virgin hair. And as you say, how unhelpful… there can’t be many people with virgin hair. (Apart from Chinese etc, I think i’d look a bit odd with different coloured hair.)

    Also very interesting to learn that you have Native American roots.


  4. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    Hair is hair:) I had perfect hair but I never thought I did…


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