Fluff on the Hoof


THIS is a seriously adorable sock. I used Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Hummingbird and I LOVE this yarn.

I did this sock differently from the pair in Monte Carlo. Actually this fits a tiny bit better. The sock is still too wide around my ankle. I’m thinking I’ll need to go down to 60 cast on stitches instead of 64 with my next pair.

I did a plain stockinette stitch after 11 rows of K2 P2 ribbing. I also made the foot MUCH shorter, ending after 7 inches and then starting the toe decreases.

You might notice the gorgeousness of the heel flap – it is beyoutiful. I used the Eye of Partridge heel flap stitch instead of the slip stitch one in my pattern. I love this heel flap and plan on using it for all of my socks.

I will probably go back to a ribbed cuff so it will fit a little better around the ankle or else do less stitches.

Here are some close-ups:


And now for the awesome color placement with the Eye of Partridge heel flap!


I used my new 1.5 needles from Signature Needle Arts. Lord I love those needles. It’s about time to order my third set ………..

My second sock (for those of you who WILL ask) is already on the needles and I’m done with the ribbing. This sock only took a few days – I can’t remember exactly when I started it, but it was the same day I finished my first pair.

I had a great visit with DH yesterday and he ate almost all of his lunch. I had reports that he ate his breakfast too, so we seem to be doing better. And he has something really exciting to look forward to! A trip to the circus on Friday! The circus is one of his absolute favorite things besides opera and the symphony. When he was a little boy, after the war and after he made it to Germany from Latvia, he and his friend would hop a train from Hamburg to Stuttgart and watch the circus, get back on the train and come home – all without his mother knowing about it. I wouldn’t have told her either ……… so he has some excitement on the way and I am so happy with the recreation department for including him. Now if I can just remember to take his sweatshirt with the fleece lining ……………….


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Gilraen says:

    Love those socks, colourful, cheerful and fun


  2. Jennifer says:

    It’s sure not very warm yet is it? Glad you like the sock —- now I’m getting the urge to make a hemp sweater ……..


  3. Wow! That is a very very happy sock. I love it. 🙂


  4. Great color:) You are amazing:) Glad to hear about DH and his upcoming trip:) Spring is out wandering somewhere and only stops in once in a while:( Sigh. Lovely sock.


  5. Jennifer says:

    I wish I’d made that sock to fit him – they look like they need a circus visit! Of course now I need new shoes to go with my cool socks!


  6. Jennifer says:

    Oh yes knotting is definitely a part of it!


  7. Jennifer says:

    It’s pretty simple for the heel flap! I’m going to branch out and try another pattern for the third pair! But I will ALWAYS use that cute heel!


  8. randomrose says:

    Love your sock and I am envious how you can adjust patterns. I have to follow the pattern otherwise I could possibly end up with a soat (sockhat) 🙂


  9. i mean knitting, though knotting may be a part of it


  10. Jennifer – the sock is a work of art, heel included its crowning glory – i nominate you for the Nobel in knotting – no joking – glad to hear about DH’s circus visit.


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