Knitting Another Pair ……..


Please ignore the ragged towel and just admire the two lovely socks! I’m so pleased to have finished my first pair. Yes they are too big. I get to shorten the foot quite a bit. I also am changing the toe. These are great for my first pair. I won’t enter them in a knitting contest! It wasn’t easy – I lost stitches off my needles way too many times. Not enough times to go get wooden needles, but enough to make me very careful. Most of my ah problems involved me pulling on a needle thinking it was the spare one and it wasn’t. It had stitches on it ……….

Here’s the ball of yarn that is next –


Wild! It’s Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Hummingbird.

I have started my third sock and here’s what I have so far –


I have had some decision back and forth with my second pair. Like do I use my new purple needles which are all of .25mm thicker? Do I do the same sock with the ribbing all the way down to the toe? Should I try a more complex pattern?

I went with yes, no and no. I’m going to do a plain stockinette stitch sock because of the bright colors. The next sock pair will be a more complex knitting pattern. Someday I will do lace socks! I also found out I have to buy sock blockers. Lovely.

I had a great visit with hubby today. I got there for lunch and he did a great job eating his chef salad. I get reports that he eats all of his breakfast so I’m great with that. There’s a new patient and she’s an ornery old cuss. Pretty funny because she’s sitting next to the other cranky patient and she’s giving her hell from the moment I got in there. Super funny. It keeps them both occupied yelling at each other. I love it.

Maggie has spent the evening trying to catch the “scary” animal under the sink in the kitchen. It’s really just a drip drip drip from the hose on the sprayer – but she thinks it has potential.

Hope you’re all having a great day —— I’m off to knit more sock.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Ech I got sick of that picture ……….. I didn’t have any makeup on …………. I’ll take another one when I do. If I do.


  2. Jennifer you changed your icon! No more picture of you to see. The new picture is beautiful but so were you:)


  3. good for you – keep it up


  4. Jennifer says:

    OOOOH the second pair is pretty cute! I have about 6 inches done on the cuff on the first one …… gosh I love yarn.


  5. Those are indeed splendid socks. Love ’em!


  6. which sage ever admitted that he/she was one? lol


  7. Jennifer says:

    Ah Indrajit I’m just a seeker – not a sage – maybe next time! I love those socks to pieces – so relaxing. I’m back to meditation and chanting –


  8. Jennifer – i understand your passion with needles – as a boy strangely I loved to knit when others thought that was so sissy – i loved the meditation that the clicking of needles produced and enjoyed the activity so much – later i even did some crochet – so i know what a sock could involve in its creation. Good to hear that your husband likes the salad – you are one exceptional person, almost a sage!


  9. Maju says:

    I love using variegated yarns. Yours are so pretty!

    I never block my socks. I just wear them.


  10. Beautiful. Very impressive Love the new yarn:)


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