How I Find My Direction

Life changes. Daily, hourly, by the second. I’m a person who needs a direction, not necessarily a goal, but more a rudder. I have, from time to time, lost my faith. Then it finds me. Usually the loss of it involves circumstances beyond my CONTROL that deal with the mundane daily life that all of us face. I would be much happier if I could retire to an ashram and gaze upon my navel for eternity. I don’t like the humdrum consequences of living in the world. I make them disappear – or at least inform me about where I’m heading and what I’m looking toward.

Years ago, way before I started working as a psychic, I studied western astrology. I studied it in-depth, bought every book I could find on the subject and had many chart interpretations. I learned. When I began working as a psychic, I also offered chart interpretation as an option for my clients. It was a favorite reading of my chiropractor – he felt that at least it was scientific! Little did he know that the information I gave him was the SAME information no matter how I got it!

I became interested in astrology as a kid – primarily because it did not threaten my mother’s Christian belief system. I think she believed it was hooey, but harmless hooey. When I began reading clients, my mother swore up and down she was psychic too. I must say it was a big turn around from the finger pointed at her head and twirling that I used to get!

I naturally love symbols. Tarot cards are symbols. Laying them out was my sign to go to work. Listening to what was being said was directed by the cards. What was being said to me was coming directly from my guides and I even visualized the energy passing between me and my client. Should I not tell the client a perceived negative, my guides would coax me and if I still would not say it, they would shut down. So if I wanted to continue I had to spit it out.


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I’m not sure when I first came to purchase Dane Rhudyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases. I do know that I knew that each degree of the zodiac had a visual symbol and they were interpreted by Rhudyar as a cycle of transformation. These are what are known as Sabian symbols. These were created by Marc Edmund Jones and a psychic named Elsie Wheeler at Balboa Park in San Diego on one day in 1925. Wheeler was a psychic who was disabled and Jones a noted astrologer of the time (and all time). Wheeler wanted to do something important, because even as a popular working psychic, she was disappointed by the mundane questions asked by her clients. Rather than being interested in growing and fulfilling themselves, they were more interested in the next job, romance or their money. I totally get this. When one of my clients called to ask me if I thought she should get her hair cut – I had to pause and think about how much good I was actually doing.

Jones was inspired by the work of a Welsh seer, John Thomas, on the subject of symbols of the 360 degree zodiac. Using Thomas’ symbols was not something Jones chose to do, but rather he determined to take Ms. Wheeler to a place where they could be undisturbed and to give her plain index cards with the degree of the zodiac on the card. Ms. Wheeler then gave Jones a description of what she saw for that degree and Jones wrote this down.

The fact that this was done all on one day is amazing. The symbols themselves are astounding and Rhudyar, who reinterpreted them in the Mandala, informs an astrological chart in ways that cannot be done in any other manner.

The interpretations by Rhudyar are esoteric.  There is extensive information in this book not only on Rhudyar’s methods and beliefs, but on how to use this in divination. This is not divination to find out when you might get a new job or meet your soul mate or win the lottery. This is divination involving why you are here, what you must do, how you can accomplish this and why you bother. By reading the symbol for the degree on the angles of the chart., i.e., ascendant, descendant, nadir and mid-heaven, you find your purpose. Maybe not all at once, but eventually clarification comes.

He explains also the purpose of each planet, including the sun and moon. And in reading the symbol of the degree of each planet, you are also informed as to what energy you must bring to bear in order to get the fulfillment from life that you were born to have.

Note that when looking at the degree symbol for the angles and planets, if your sun is 12 degrees 58 minutes Capricorn, you would read the symbol for 13 degrees Capricorn.

I highly recommend searching out a copy of this book for those of you who wish to delve deep into astrology. You can find your chart online at for free. The only requirement is that for accuracy you must know the time of your birth. In many instances this will be on your birth certificate. I was reminded constantly by my mother of the time of my birth (took too long for her).

The recent lunar eclipse caused me to get this book out again. This lunar eclipse begins a powerful couple of weeks astrologically speaking. We had the lunar eclipse on April 15 which will be followed by a Cardinal Grand Square of Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto on the 23/24 of April and then quickly followed by a solar eclipse on April 29. The lunar eclipse occurred conjunct my ascendant, Mars and Neptune (and loosely conjunct Saturn). The Cardinal Grand Cross occurs over my own natal Grand Cross of Saturn, Moon, Sun and Uranus to almost the exact degrees. The solar eclipse will occur at 8 degrees 52 minutes Taurus. Thank god I don’t have a hard aspect to that!

The next two weeks bear watching. They bear watching not with fear, but with a sense of correctness and inner peace.  To have peace, be peace. It’s the only way. If you are tempted to read Rhudyar’s work, many can be found online.


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