A Good Day


Snuffling around yesterday after Maggie woke me up in a panic, it was time for a nursing home visit. I must admit I had some trepidation after the last visit. This time, I waited until lunch would be almost over. I had found out by experiment and some judicious questioning that DH wasn’t eating because he didn’t like what he was given. There are always two choices for meals and a selection of cheeseburgers, chef salad, grilled cheese, etc. if they don’t want any of the two choices. So I filled out a new menu and he’s getting food he likes. The minute I got there the staff let me know he ate his lunch! Yay!

My first step after greeting him was to wheel him into his room so we could be alone. He was sitting next to the lady who asks repetitive questions constantly. Not wanting to answer these questions, we moved.

Because of his disease, he can’t talk very well. Yes, no and some other words are about all he can say. He has surprised me recently with being able to form more words and complete sentences. His memory isn’t as bad as his ability to think things through and make decisions. He doesn’t have planning ability any longer.

I was chatting away letting him know what I’ve been doing the last couple of days and then – running out of exciting things to talk about – I started telling him about the news. He got very excited and happy. I asked him if he was happy because I was telling him about what’s going on and he said YES. So I spent an hour talking to him about the news in the world – even Crimea which is a concern for him because he’s from Latvia – which has been invaded by Russia several times. He would like Russia to stay out of Latvia. We talked about Obamacare and how long we have to go until a real leader becomes president and how the economy will probably soar into the heavens on January 21, 2017 and various other political stories. We talked about the missing airplane and he agreed with me that if it had gone into the ocean it wouldn’t just sink sweetly – it would have left a debris field.

We had a great visit. Everyone there loves him, which makes this so much easier for me. It is still hard to have him in a nursing home but I know they can and will take care of him and I can’t. So one of us feels better anyway. I think he’s quite used to the place and even though he would rather be home, he’s as content as possible. He also isn’t bothered by those around him. He ignores things very well – including me.

I didn’t see the combative one yesterday. I’m not sure if she was there still.

If you can believe it – it snowed overnight. Honestly this is enough! It was 65 yesterday and then it snowed at night? It will be warm again tomorrow – in the 50s and all of this will be gone.

I came home and rested a bit – visiting the nursing home exhausts me. And then I worked on my second sock. It was a good day!


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  1. You’re most certainly welcome, Jen. It can’t be easy – but that is love and you clearly are a loving person. Hang in there 🙂
    Spring is winning over winter 🙂


  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for that. I forget I am the traveling home!


  3. It’s a difficult thing to do – visiting loved ones in a place that is not their home. What brings their home closer are visits from those they love. You do a good, kind and loving thing. Know it always makes an enormous difference, even though some days feel quite the opposite. You’re the traveling home – and home is where the heart is… 🙂
    love, love, love the little piglet pic


  4. I’m glad you had a nice time:)


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