Maggie provided me with a RUDE awakening this morning. She got into the window by the head of my bed. I have no idea how she gets in there. She has to part the curtain, lift the shade and crawl into the window. She sat there chirping at something that looked edible for about half an hour. Then she decided to get out and PLOP fell right on the floor. Unhurt, thankfully, but she may not try that again soon.

If anyone knows how to train a cat – a 4-year-old untrained cat – let me know. She’s gone from scratching the corners of my leather furniture to scratching the backs of the seat. I’ve put a quilt over it for now – hopefully Boops will cut it out. The corners of my furniture are down to the wood inside. With little bits of stuffing showing for designer looks.

Ah. Anyway, she’s a love so I put up with it. She just looks at me when I tell her to stop doing something. Kind of like, who are you? Why do YOU exist? After breakfast, lunch and dinner I am not needed. Until it’s time to clean the litter – she prefers that I do that before supper.

After supper she meows a question at DS – like MEOOOOOOW? which means “I’m coming into your room and sleeping on YOUR chair. Get over it.” But it is still a meowed question. If he doesn’t let her in, she waits upstairs in the hallway until I come up, goes to his door, looks back at me and puts her paws up on the doorknob. While meowing piteously. Such a card.

When she was little she used to jump on everyone’s back and lay down on their shoulders. It’s very hard to walk around with a kitty on your back. Especially with her claws dug into you. I will say she tried that with me maybe once. The guys got the cat jump ALL the time until she got bigger and wasn’t quite sure how to land the jump. She is a bit of a clutz and has been known to fall off things because she will only sit on the edge. She would not make a good  tight rope walker.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Good cat with attitude!


  2. Denise says:

    Good cat 🙂


  3. Jennifer says:

    I’d have a dozen but she would eat 11 of them ………..


  4. It never matters what they do…cats are so perfect…we accept them as they are. They put up with us and allow us to serve them and for that we are grateful.


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