Weather Report

Since I truly complained on and on about our horrible winter, I am gone to tempt the Goddess by letting you all know it’s spring here!!! It was 63 degrees today and it’s going to be 73 on Monday! Yay! The sun has been shining, almost all of the snow has melted (there are flood warnings on the rivers for ice jams, oops) and it is lovely.

I even have crocuses and tulips popping up in between the brown dead stuff that is my yard. I feel reprieved. I have actually been running fossil fuel heating free – and even if you count the heat pump – it’s off. Now if we can keep the temperatures below 90 degrees and the humidity below 50% – we’ll have a great summer!

There’s even a Blood Moon Tuesday – at 2:00 am EDT the eclipse will start …….. it will occur without my presence. I don’t think I’ll be hanging out the window at that hour!

I’m almost done with the heel flap on the second sock ……. in three days! I can’t wait to start another pair.


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  1. randomrose says:

    Your socks should be named…Spring socks 🙂


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