I’d Like To Be Patient – But I’m Not

photo credit nasa.gov
photo credit nasa.gov

Sometimes you would think that all I do is knit and read. With occasional whining thrown in for good measure, but I don’t. I visit my husband in the memory care unit of a local nursing home too. Sometimes every other day, mostly every two days, I’m there.

He was going through a spell of not eating. He was sick of the menu. I changed things up a bit for him and now he’s eating, thank God. He’s recently moved into a wheelchair which is such a relief! Not only for me, but for him too. He is no longer anxious, frightened or scared when you move him. We used to scoot up his chair to the table and he would shake in fright. His sense of balance and immobility had really gotten to him.

Today was another visit day. He’s fine. However – and this is a BIG HOWEVER some of the other patients on the unit get right up my ass and won’t give me a break. I swear today I was ready to slap at least three of them.

I know they have issues. I also know there’s medication out there and FOR CHRIST’S SAKE PUT THESE WOMEN ON MEDS. This one is so bad she gets nasty and angry if the staff try to redirect her. I’ve seen her husband there and he has to run to get away from her. I had to fight with her the last time I was there just to get out the door of the locked unit. She is beyond memory care – she needs a psych ward with big strong attendants – and a straight jacket wouldn’t hurt either. I think she would be just as annoying if she wasn’t as mentally unhinged as she is.

There’s another one there that makes me cringe when I have to sit near her. She asks me the same questions over and over and over and over and over. I want to say shut the $#### up I’m not hear to visit you – but I answer the frigging questions. Jeez Louise. She keeps asking if DH is my father – okay – here’s the deal – he’s 13 years older than I am. I dye my hair. I have good genes and I look young for my age. He’s sick. He doesn’t look young for his age. HE’S MY %$###  HUSBAND, NOT MY FATHER. WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO CARVE THAT INTO YOUR FACE? KEEP ASKING AND YOUR WISH WILL BE GRANTED.

WHEW. Sorry – I had to let that out. The moon – which will eclipse on the 15th and is shooting off all kinds of currents right now – has these babes totally off the wall. I had to leave about 10 minutes earlier than usual because I was so very very sick of them. Next time I’m skipping lunch and going after ……….. for my sanity.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Next time I’m either going to do that or go after lunch and take him outside or elsewhere. The CNA’s are great and they kept trying to distract the nasty one – she just gets belligerent. She’ll be gone soon I’ll bet – I sure hope so. There’s another wing where the keep the really weird ones and she’ll either be there or out the door. The one who keeps asking questions you just can’t shut up. God knows I’ve tried. Maybe if I slap her really hard – tee hee! I’m always so glad when she’s not sitting at DH’s table – as I said next time he can eat elsewhere or I’ll go after lunch. I don’t have to feed him, thank God.


  2. Isn’t there somewhere you can wheel him, where you can have some privacy? Where are the caretakers and why would they allow that kind of behavior?


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