Overcoming Sock Fear Without Therapy

Photo Credit churchmouseyarns.com
Photo Credit

Progress has been achieved on my FIRST ever sock. I promise pictures soon but I am way too tired to run upstairs for the camera, take pictures, transfer them to the computer and then run the camera back upstairs. I refuse to have a smartphone, having worked for a cell phone company and endured an enormous amount of grief from their customers. I have a camera and I will save some energy for this tomorrow.

I have been knitting re-knitting my sock cuff for the last three days. I got to an 8 inch cuff this morning and I jumped right in to the heel flap. Keep in mind I have never done this before.  My concentration is back, having successfully transferred the flu to DS (who is not pleased with me) I was able to follow the directions AND keep all of the stitches on the needles. I wasn’t sure how to put the darned sock down without losing stitches or something so I just finished the heel flap.

I thought I would go on and do the heel turn too at the same time, but whoa my eyes are crossing! That was enough for one very long sitting and I may get to the heel turn later on this evening. At least I already know how to do short rows. I have read this pattern a hundred times to make sure I understand what I’m supposed to be doing! I hope I get comfortable with sock knitting before I get sick of it. Cheez.

After the wild day out running errands yesterday, I didn’t feel that perky today. I’m also not sure if I’m still contagious. I cannot give this stuff to my husband. I called the nursing home and left a message for him. Tomorrow I will be past the date when I should be able to give it to others and I will go see him. I miss him horribly.

The sun is shining and I have shut the heat pump off. I’m about ready to open a window. The temperature is 50 degrees and it feels like 90. I love it. We still have snow all over, and it will end up in my basement, but I don’t care. I will be so pleased to be able to walk outside without boots on and to not wear a coat!

The picture is the color of yarn I’m using for my first socks – it’s called Monte Carlo and it’s very pretty – which I will prove with pictures tomorrow!


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  2. Jennifer says:

    Yeah DS is not happy! I am taking good care of him though. He was super thoughtful and helpful when I first got sick – such a good kid. I can’t wait to see DH. I feel like I’ve been gone forever ……..


  3. Jennifer says:

    So tiring! I am drained from knitting 31 rows! Tomorrow the big reveal –


  4. Cant wait and Monte Carlo reminds my of Vegas:) You can go to the hotel and wear your socks:)


  5. Denise says:

    Hooray for the sun! Hope you enjoy seeing your husband tomorrow. Definitely a good idea to stay away when you are contagious – poor son.


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