We’re Getting a Snowstorm We’re Having a Snowstorm

Please sing the title to the melody of “We’re Having a Heat Wave” in the hopes that if millions – okay two hundred or so – of you sing this, it won’t happen.

I’ve run out of words to express my disgust of winter in Maine in 2014. We’re all jaded – ready to run out, dig out all the snow and plant seeds. I want to see something growing, and that doesn’t mean my oil bill. I will be SO GLAD to take a shower TO COOL OFF instead of taking a shower in a bathroom that tops out at about 57 degrees. I’m contemplating living without air conditioning this summer, although it will probably be over 100 degrees given how great the winter’s been. I think there’s a correlation between number of days below zero and the number of days over ninety. If so, we’re screwed.

On the topic of screwed ……. would it be possible to just adopt daylight savings time and leave the frigging clock alone all year? It feels odd. I was late to the nursing home yesterday and DH probably thought I was skipping town or something. And when it’s time for supper it feels like we should be eating lunch. We need to petition somebody to stop messing with natural daylight. And no, I don’t want standard time all year. During standard time it gets dark here at about 3:30 in December. I feel like a night creature. Lights on at 3:30? Jeez do ya think the electric company likes that?

My yarn came on Saturday! Yay! Along with a gorgeous mailing tube full of the most gorgeous double-pointed knitting needles I have ever seen. The Signature Needle Arts needles explain to me why we can make ANYTHING in the US better than ANYTHING made elsewhere. I do not regret the cost of these at all and I am already trying to decide whether I want another set of DPNs or a circular needle for my next purchase. I will obtain the whole set eventually. These needles are a work of art, but they are SO SMALL. Think toothpicks. Now think clumsy left-handed person knitting right-handed ……. I surprise myself. I can control all four needles, even the ones that hang loose while I’m knitting with the other two. These socks will not be a QUICK project, however, since I can only knit a little while without breathing (holding your breath keeps the stitches on the needles).

The Misti Alpaca yarn is so beautiful. I’m starting with Monte Carlo. I know more of this yarn will find it’s way to my house. First, I have my eye on some Fleece Artist sock yarn made in Canada. Not US made, but I will extend my trade to Canada because the colors are so inspiring.

Ever since I did my first batik some odd 48 years ago, I have been enthralled by color. I have painted, quilted, dyed fabric, dyed yarn, purchased way more than I should in fabric from my friend’s quilt shop  – just because of its color. Maybe it comes from living in the frozen north where nothing survives past 6 months that makes me this way ………

Too bad this isn’t smell-a-blog – you would all be thrilled with the odor of fresh-baked banana bread just out of the oven! I read the weather report, then I bake ………….. then I knit.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    LOL 3 people! I can’t imagine living with no daylight like in Alaska during the winter! We are getting a really nasty snowstorm – but this should be the last one. We always have a St. Patrick’s day storm – now for summer! I love your new theme and layout!


  2. Denise says:

    I like daylight saving time too. Here, we have decided we can’t have it because of the effects on the 3 people or so living right in the north of Scotland.


  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m pretty sure the government is responsible for this winter. I picked up my sock knitting and pulled on the wrong needle and WHOOPS I get to start all over again ……..


  4. I just made chocolate chip banana bread…LOL And I’m turning the air conditioner on for sure. I’m hoping the snow decides to go to a mountain somewhere. They moved the time up from 6 to 4 but nothing yet. I don’t want 17 inches of snow. I hope it falls on the Lake. I think Lake Michigan would like that, it might not even notice. I also am again CHANGING THE CLOCKS. So many states don’t do that anymore. It’s awful and I know that people are trying to get a law passed that stops it from happening but too late AGAIN THIS YEAR. All of my clocks say something different now. I have to look at my laptop or phone to know what time it is. I can’t change a couple of them because they refuse to cooperate and they were wrong to begin with , so I’m out of luck. Sigh. It’s SO DARK GRAY. Everyone wants to sleep. I think the government is seeding the clouds to put us into a lethargy so deep they can do anything they like and no one will notice…Oh WAIT…they are already doing that, aren’t they. You are so funny, can’t breath or the stitches will fall off…LOL I love it. Well kind until your heart’s content and eat your banana bread for fun:)


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