Photo Credit Knitomatic.com
Photo Credit Knitomatic.com

Today the mailman has an exciting mission. He will bring me my new knitting needles and sock yarn. I hope he is up to the test – I’m going to be waiting out by the mailbox – or at least hanging out by the window to see him come. The poor man may actually have to walk the package back to the back porch through a bit of ice.

I’ve only been knitting for a year now. I’ve finished two sweaters – well at least 1 and 3/4. I’m still trying to seam up my Elizabeth cardigan. For some reason I thought it would be easy. I’d rather knit another one than seam this one up. Slowly I will finish it.

I have another pullover on my needles. It’s going to be a medium gray heather. I can’t say I’m nuts about the feel of the yarn. It’s very different from the merino or alpaca I’ve knit with previously. While knitting my fourth row last night I noticed that I can’t keep it all from getting twisted around – yes, I joined the stitches and they weren’t straight or something so I have to take it out and start again. I have the stitches cast back on.

I wonder about myself sometimes. Like why do I always have to do something new? I think it’s because I like the feeling of learning something – all the time. I get this feeling of “I can conquer that,” and it keeps me going. Doing the same old things over and over is just too boring for me. I crave the excitement of new peaks to climb – tee hee. Like I could climb a peak if I tried ………

I’m starting to get the urge to get back to sewing too. Not real strong yet. That last project with the silk velvet made me question my clothing plans. I need to want to wear something before I’m going to sew it. And since I don’t need anything at the moment except maybe a navy tee-shirt to wear with my Elizabeth cardigan …….. nothing is on the table.

Even though it is still cold – less cold than last week however – I am starting to feel spring. I’m making plans and feeling perkier. So much of this winter has been brutally hard. I have had to get out every couple of days to visit my husband in the nursing home and that has pretty much been the extent of my forays into the outside world. It’s not very inspiring although the only thing I can do for him now is go and visit him. I love seeing him and the joy I see on his face when he hears my voice around the corner. I keep in my mind that he is alone, although he is with a lot of other people, they aren’t us and therefore just going to see him brings him immense joy.  So many times I question why this “rare” disease had to choose him. It’s hard watching him fail in bits and to think about how he was when he was younger. There’s nothing I can do about his disease so I just keep going to visit him to let him know how much I care about him.

So spring will come and this awful mess of dirty snow will finally melt. And I will attempt to make a new pair of socks and a new sweater and maybe do some sewing – and definitely some spring cleaning and life will go round and round as always …………..


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Isn’t it funny how sunshine makes everything look dirty in the house? I like spring but yuck the house looked better in the gloom. I need to clear out a ton of stuff and I did manage to vacuum today (kitty was in the bedroom)! I’m glad I found somewhere where he can be taken care of and not be in danger. He’s less tired now that he doesn’t have to climb stairs, etc. It is sad though. I try to think of him now as somebody I must always cherish – when he was healthy I probably (definitely) wasn’t as nice!


  2. Denise says:

    It’s sad that this disease chose him when you sound like you were so much happier together than many other couples.

    It is spring here too… and now months of gloom have lifted I can see all the dust that was hidden before. Spring cleaning for me too, I think, and the sun is making me feel creative again too.


  3. Jennifer says:

    I hope it’s quit raining for you! So far no more snow and it’s in the 40s! That yarn is additional 🙂 yarn that I want – it’s by Fleece Artist and it’s called Sugar Plum. I love all of Fleece Artist’s colors but I particularly want Snow Crocus, Turkish Delight, Tundra and Sugar Plum ………. I bought Misti Alpaca for the first batch of socks. I got my needles and they are so tiny I can barely see them ……. this may be an adventure!


  4. I hope that spring really is around the corner. And that the next few months are easier than the last few months have been. And that you’ll have the chance to knit many, many beautiful garments. Is the photo the exact yarn you’ve ordered? It’s gorgeous! I may have to mug your postman.


  5. Jennifer says:

    So far no more new snow but I think it will be here a little on Tuesday. It’s been warmish! We’ll see if hubby gets new purple or pink socks ….. that would make him laugh! I will leave the mailman alone …….. as long as he does what he’s supposed to do! Not deliver bills ………..


  6. Brutal winter…feelings of new hope…yes and yes. We had a “dusting” this morning and we are supposed to get snow on Thursday. It’s gray again, but you know what that’s like too so…. I can’t wait to see the socks. Are you going to make some for your husband? How cute would that be? I don’t do any of the things you do but I think you’re fabulous for doing them:) Good luck and try not to attack the mail person. LOL


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