Friday Night = Bored

Okay I’m bored. It’s Friday night, there’s damn all on TV as usual and I am tired of knitting. I’ve been knitting for more than two hours and I’m sick of it. Time to stick the needles in the bag.bunny

I managed to get back into the sewing room by Wednesday – Tuesday I was still sitting around screaming about having to pay more for oil. I’m still pissed as hell so if anyone wants to pick a fight in the parking lot at the grocery store or while driving down the street, hey I can deal with it. People drive for shit here. I’m mad enough I really don’t care. I figure what’s a bump on the old body work? No big deal.

Today was grocery store day. What fun. Planned down to the very last item, we stayed right on budget. My grocery store has a website where you can add items to your shopping list and it adds them up for you. I do this every time we go to the store. The worst part is deciding what to get. When you have little money and a lot of days left until payday, $3 is a big deal. We came out of the store ahead of the budget. Plus I got cash so DH can have Chinese food for lunch next Friday, even though he really doesn’t much care for Chinese food. He’ll eat chop suey and that’s it. I think it’s more of attending the celebration than anything else. Someday I’ll have enough money to start an account for him so he always has whatever he wants.

I also have to buy tags for the damn car at the end of next week. Not much choice there because I think the cops might notice if I don’t have the right tags on. Anyway, there goes more money for a useless reason. We pay excise tax here on our vehicles, don’t ask me why. It adds up so the tags are over $100. They start higher when the car is new and progressively go down. It does NOT make sense to buy a new car in Maine.

One bright spot – it’s going to be 33 degrees tomorrow. That’s about 23 degrees higher than any day this week so I can run the heat pump full blast, shut the furnace down and maybe save some of that dirty fossil fuel crap that’s making my life miserable. I see a trailer and Florida in my future. And black glasses so I can’t see all the crawly critters.

Seriously I wouldn’t live in Florida if you gave it to me. Sorry Floridians but I’ll take miserly old Maine first. The very idea of living in the tropics makes me crawl. I might go to Hawaii but nowhere else I can think of at the moment.

I visited DH yesterday. He’s doing much better leg-wise. Getting up out of chairs has been easier the last two times I’ve been there. He seems to be in good spirits too. We had a good visit and he listens to me complain about the oil and tries to tell me how to save on the bill. Besides taking an ax to the furnace. Although I might do that ……. if someone had ever told me how much I would be paying for utilities 14 years after my husband retired ….. it’s sick. Next year will be better. Oh yes and let’s see —— is this global warming???????????? Does super below zero cold mean the planet is warming? Seriously, I don’t know? Whatever. If it is then I hope I’m gone before the planet gets any warmer. I can’t afford the fuel to keep warm if we have any more global warming.

It’s only January 24. We have at least two more months of winter. Although March has occasionally been warmish. I don’t think I can take two more months. I’m going to go pop another Vitamin D – see ya.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I like the health care thing – here we’re kind of in the air. I can’t wait until Obamacare bankrupts the insurance companies (nobody will mind) and then we get universal health care too. But I am an anglophile so I’m not sure it’s prettier here – it has it’s moments! We are close to Acadia National Park and the ocean. It’s really lovely in Eastport, which is about 2 hours away. We moved to Canada (PEI) because we couldn’t afford to be really close to the ocean in the states …….. but that was a pretty closed community!


  2. Denise says:

    Yes, we have free at point of need health care and it’s not too cold, in the south anyway. I don’t think it’s as pretty as Maine and surroundings though – although I haven’t been that is my impression from all the blog posts I read.


  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m going to keep trying! It is so annoying, but the day before 486 came in. That’s what I pay now. Yesterday 176 came in – I will be paying 716. So I ran out in the snow to play the difference 230. Naturally the gods laughed and it didn’t hit. Ah well …………wouldn’t it be great if we lived in the same country?


  4. Denise says:

    Wish I could invite you and your son round for a great big warm hearty supper and an evening by the cosy fire. Granted it hasn’t even got to zero this year – when it goes below even by a few degrees we all do struggle to keep warm in our old Victorian cottages…

    I hope you win the lottery too.


  5. Warmth and wealth… and lots and lots of yarn.


  6. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! And warm weather would be nice!


  7. I really hope a stonking great big lump of good luck comes your way very soon, preferably involving money for heating oil at the very least.


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