A Boho Hippie Blouse – Vogue 1367

I confess. I was in college in the late 60s/early 70s. I demonstrated (everybody demonstrated). I wore LOUD clothes, some with fringe. I had a Granny Coat. I wore bell bottoms and t-shirts. I loved it.

After I finish a project, I get this dull, nasty feeling that I will never start another one. Of course then I would need to be put away because if I’m not making something, I’m cranky. Really cranky.

Today, after a 10-day or so spell out of the sewing room, I started another shirt. This is the fabric:


And also this:


The second fabric is darker in reality than it shows here. It is a bronze/olive/brown metallic-looking lace.

Here’s the pattern by Rebecca Taylor:

Vogue 1367
Vogue 1367

I love this shirt pattern. It has great design details including interesting yokes. It lends itself to silk although the fabric I’m using this time is a cotton voile with embroidery. I’m orienting the stripes up and down – since I was smart enough to buy 4 yards of this I have the fabric to do this. Here’s the tech drawing of the yokes:

V1367 technical

Excuse the pants – no I will not be making those. How weird they look. Anyway I will be putting the bronze lace over the yokes on the shirt. The fabrics are by the same manufacturer and co-ordinate well together. The lace takes the shirt to real boho hippie cool. I’ll be doing the neck binding in the lace too. I think. I’m pretty sure – don’t know yet.

Today I got out the fabric, patted it to see if we’ll get along (yes) and ironed it. I had previously washed and dried it to get all the shrinkage out. I prepared my pattern and I have most of the shirt cut out. Just little pieces left to go. Sewing will commence this week! I’m so happy to have a project again.

On my other project – the Elizabeth sweater here:


I have one sleeve almost done. The sweater is knit from right cuff to left cuff with cable cast ons and lord knows what else in-between. I read part of the pattern I will need to know how to do in a day or so and almost passed out. As I said, I have difficulty reading knitting patterns. I may have to call out for help if I can’t figure it out. Things like work as established get me seriously confused.  However the yarn I chose:


is knitting up to be absolutely stunning! It’s called Magic Mountain or Majestic Mountain – whatever it is the colors are wonderful and I like them a lot.

My birthday came and went January 4. DS tasked me with finding my present and I, of course, chose fabric, needles, thread and stuff to bake. It sounds weird, but I cannot live without baking. I’ve tried to quit cold turkey and I can’t. I’m going to taper off a little at a time – a few cookies here – some homemade bread there – until I feel strong enough to let it go. A life without cookies, bread and pies just doesn’t seem worth living. I’ve been baking since I was 11. That’s 51 years experience – ah the times I’ve had with sugar and flour ……. sigh. I swoon.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Eating is the good part!


  2. Maju says:

    I love your fabric for the shirt. I’ll be following your progress with interest. I also love to knit and sew, but I’m not a baker. (Or a cook – I only cook because I have to eat.)


  3. Jennifer says:

    I bake therefore I am. Ha. I love that fabric – now for the hard part – making it look good!


  4. yanniesaurus says:

    Ooh, I love the material you are using for your blouse! It is certainly very boho, isn’t it! I also love to bake but It is a lot less fun when I bake by myself, go figure.


  5. Jennifer says:

    LOL I do have a knitter following me – god knows why .. but honestly these patterns are like weird. I can follow the one I did pretty well (I only asked the author one really stupid question) but this one? Who knows. Oh yeah and I need to have every kind of chip in the world in the pantry, along with tons of flour and yeast and flavorings …… he got a pumpkin pie out of it already!


  6. If you need help with the knitting pattern, I hope you know not to ask me, right? The sweater is beautiful and I love the yarn you chose. The blouse is excellent as well and I agree completely…no life with out cookies and stuff…none at all. I just can’t look forward to celery, but a cookie…oh Yeah! And bread, slurp. Enjoy yourself.


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