The Good News

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The good news is we still have power. The bad news is we may not have it for long. Icemageddon seams to be occurring outside my window. DS tells me the car is totally covered in ice. It’s not in the garage because we elected to shovel instead of pay someone to scoop snow. When this breaks, I’ll have a lot of ice to remove.

I looked out my kitchen window toward the side and the snow is covered with a shell of glistening ice. It looks like the cars on Broadway are taking it real slow. For once. There aren’t too many cars out.

I am prepared as much as I can be. I started filling bottles with water and turned the fridge up on high. I’ve got the yarn all ready to go if I can actually see to knit. It was so dark today it felt like the sun never rose. More good news – there’s still fudge in the house although the pumpkin pie is all gone. I wonder if I stay up all night I can bake another one? Why not. I can make more fudge tomorrow on top of the stove ……

I have been unable to visit my husband since Tuesday so I’ve called him every day to let him know about the weather. I am hoping we get to keep the power on throughout this mess. It’s supposed to be gone by tomorrow afternoon. We do have an ice storm warning until Monday at 4 am though.  Everyone in the path – stay safe – of course stay off the roads – and if I can post tomorrow about lovely shining ice, I will.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh boy me too. I love electricity! Amazing that you are sweating and we’re freezing. I feel like we’re so close – just a post away!


  2. suth2 says:

    I love reading about the weather in your part of the world while we are sweltering here in Australia. Stay safe. I hope your power remains on.


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