An Ice Storm?

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We don’t have this yet. If it does come, it will look like this. As much as I complain about snow, give me snow every time over ice.

Being from Illinois, when I was 6 and 13, we suffered through two really bad ice storms. We had no power for days – at least a week. We had a rough time keeping warm in the house. I think we had a gas oven my mom ran for heat. It was awful. The ice knocked the electric meter off our house and knocked out the transformer to the neighborhood.

Tomorrow we have a winter weather advisory for snow in the morning and ice after noon. I won’t be able to make it to the nursing home, so I’ll have to call him and hope he can remember why. I do have a phone I can plug in without electricity and it will work so I can call him every day. When I visited him on Tuesday, I checked to make sure he could turn on his TV and that he had his favorite old movie channel on. He didn’t so I found it for him and told him how to turn on and off TV. It was so cute – he was like a little boy, overjoyed with watching an old movie. He does love his old movies. Tonight he got to go out on a drive to see the Christmas lights and I’m sure he enjoyed that.

So today I dragged DS to the grocery store to get food we can make on top of the stove, where I have gas. Thank God I’m a cooking snob and demanded a gas stove for my home. Unfortunately, or not, I got a dual fuel stove with an electric oven. I think electric ovens work better. (But not in a power outage.)

We’re looking at “a chance of significant icing” from Friday through Sunday night. And more freezing rain is forecast for Monday. ARG.

I’m going to get prepared. I’m going to charge the Kindle which has a light that runs off the battery for reading. And I’m baking. Right now, I have another pumpkin pie in the oven. Tomorrow – banana bread is on the menu. I won’t be able to sew unless I want to do it by hand. (I lost another 2 lbs!)

There’s no way I’m leaving my house, cold or no cold. So I will get it warm and keep it as warm as I can. Luckily we don’t have tree branches over the top of our electric wires that I can see. If the tree behind the wires falls over – well maybe it will interrupt our power. So unless we get an inch or more of ice, which is possible, we should be okay. I have the lantern and flashlights all ready in case we need them. Better charge the iPad too – but I think the wi-fi router needs electricity so we’ll be down for sure.

I don’t get my boiler. I keep checking it and after I run the heat at night and in the morning there is again too much water in the boiler. I have been draining it down to keep it from knocking. When I can – I’ll call them back and see if they can figure out why I’ve always got too much water in the boiler????? And also can they fix it? Please? Cheap?

On the sewing front – a post tomorrow on Couture Lunacy with the latest pictures ……… and a picture of my progress on my sweater. I think I’m finally to the point (knitting sleeves) where I can’t destroy it any more. It should survive now to be born a brand new sweater!!!!

Say a prayer that they’re over-hyping the weather …………..


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! I am as prepared for the nasty stuff as I can be I think. I get really nervous about ice storms.


  2. Jennifer says:

    Boy I hope they’re wrong. No power is not a good thought. The pie was delicious and I still didn’t go over my calorie limit! Banana bread today and one of them will be a gift too. I’m making fudge for the nursing home staff. I’m so glad I have gas!


  3. I hope you’re able to stay warm and safe! Seems like you’re pretty prepared already.


  4. It’s a beautiful picture but I think the picture should be enough. Ice storms are so dangerous, in so many ways. Our wires are buried but power can go out so easily. Stay warm and snug as a bug. You can always hold your cat:) Keep baking and show us all pictures of your yummy food. I made banana bread today. Cake tomorrow, for a gift. Good luck and we can only hope that the weatherperson is wrong AGAIN!


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