Snow and Heat and Lighting Candles ……….

If you’re not from New England (or one of the other several regions in the US) then you may not know that it snowed Saturday night and all day yesterday. It really snowed. I haven’t taken a picture of it yet, but here’s what the first day of spring 2013 looked like from my second floor window.


Pretty much the same yesterday. It took a fair  bit of shoveling. I did the back porch and the steps and DS took over for the driveway and a path from the car. Nasty stuff, but easy to shovel. I think we got about 14″ altogether. It’s not officially winter yet ……….

Then last night, putting my head down for a rest, the radiators and every pipe in the house started banging. Very loudly banging too – not just a little ping every now and again, which is normal. It was midnight and I just got up, looked at the radiator which hadn’t moved itself across the floor, and went back to sleep. When I arose this morning, more banging. even louder this time.

It takes a lot for me to break down and call a repair man. A whole helluva lot. But today I did. I shut the heat off and let the heat pump do it’s thing as much as it could. When the repair man came (he was an angel) it was a matter of draining off the boiler a bit because it had too much water in it. So he showed me how to do this if I need to next time and recommended I do it once a week or so. Whew. He also told me to put the heat on and let it get nice and warm in here tonight because the temp’s going to drop to -12 F and that’s the actual temperature, not including wind chill. It’s going to be a cold old night in Maine. Naturally the heat pump won’t do much good in these temperatures since it won’t have any heat to pump.

I spend a lot of time praying nothing will break permanently in this house. It is only 99 years old or so and it’s lasted this long ……………. almost as old as I am. God knows why, but I love this old house. I have a red living room with white trim and a bay window. The fire place (useless though it is) has doors on both sides for knick knacks and a white mantle. It’s pretty. The fire place wall is at an angle to accommodate the chimney so I have 5 walls more or less in my living room. The same thing repeats itself in DS’s room. My room is an octagon and also has a bay window. I have a built in china closet in the dining room and it’s awesome for freezing cold ironstone dishes. There isn’t any insulation behind the china closet and it backs onto our inside back porch. In a word, the place is charming. Not charming to repair however. I could use a roof, a kitchen, some plumbing and one hardwood floor could use some refinishing. Until I win Megamillions I will just keep saying a prayer, lighting candles and hoping the old place holds together.

I didn’t want the old gal to feel neglected today so after shoveling I cleaned a ton of cardboard out of the back porch. Then I vacuumed the heck out of the downstairs. Being too tired to carry the vacuum cleaner up two flights of stairs, I took the broom to the mess behind my radiator, which I noticed at midnight. I got that cleaned too.

Yesterday, feeling a bit cabin-feverish, I knit all day. I am almost at the same point I was when all hell broke loose on the sweater. I will not let that happen again. And I did remember why I’m counting calories – something to do with the pain in my knees ……………

Tonight I am casting caution to the wind and burning my $3.69 per gallon oil …………. keeping the old girl warm. Both of us …………



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    We lived in a “newer” (20 years old) house when we lived on Prince Edward Island, Canada – we all felt like we were living in a hotel! The only thing was my kitchen was AWESOME. I can still cook here though …….


  2. Denise says:

    That’s cold like we in England just can’t begin to imagine.

    I love old houses too. I live in one about 99 years old. As you say, could be warmer! But feels so special.


  3. Jennifer says:

    I baked brownies yesterday ….. I only ate 4 yesterday and two today – and I stayed within my calorie goal. Well today I did anyway. I have lovely Land of Lakes dark cocoa ——– I’ll go get it ………


  4. Stay warm, drink hot dark chocolate and eat two cookies. That’s the the RX from the AMA. Really, it is, you can look it up under, “happy people.”


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