For the last month and a half, I have been counting calories. I’ve either lost 11 or 20 pounds, depending on if you go from the doctor’s scale in August or mine in November. I have lost maybe one pound in the last two weeks. It is super annoying. Were I on my usual diet of donuts and cheese and crackers, I could see it. On my current diet of baby spinach and tomatoes with some protein thrown in, I can’t.

When I arise tomorrow I hope to see another pound gone. Or not. I’ve been amazed at how much sodium is in any food I consume. Trying to keep sodium under 1300 mg a day is pathetic. I am always blowing by that limit – I was appalled to learn there is sodium in milk for Gawd’s sake. What????? And is it the sodium that’s keeping the weight from shifting? Who knows. I just want it to move out already.

And what’s happening here tonight and tomorrow? Well, it’s already been super cold. The wind chill last night was -20. It usually isn’t that cold here at any point in the winter because we do live pretty close to the coast. But tonight we are also going to be blessed with snow.

I Couldn't Resist …….
I Couldn’t Resist …….


Tons of snow – as much as 12 to 18 inches before it stops sometime tomorrow. Picture me in the kitchen baking cookies – and not eating any? Does that sound NORMAL? No. Once I start the cookie thing it’s all over but the crying. But maybe I’ll risk a few chocolate drop cookies ………….. or some Oatmeal Schoolhouse cookies, or brownies ………… after all, they are vegetarian. Not a lick of meat in any of ’em.

I’ve been trying to determine how bad I WANT to lose weight. Especially now that the weight loss has slowed down so badly. I do need the vision of me in a smaller size to keep my diet motivation going, that’s for sure. Maybe I should make a bunch of clothes two sizes too small …………………… nah.

On the husband front, we had another great visit today. He is doing well although he did ask “I come home?” a couple of weeks ago. It fair broke my heart. I try not to gloss over that question but to answer it honestly. We went over how he would have to go up and down stairs, how hard it is for him to shower without help, how hard it was for him to climb into a bed of any height, how if he needs the doctor the doctor is there and how he hasn’t fallen except once since he’s been there. And that fall was because he wasn’t using his walker and he lost his balance. He wouldn’t use his walker here. So he agreed that life is easier for him where he’s at. Finally. We’ll revisit that question many times and hopefully I can lead him to the same conclusion. He truly is in the best place for him, as much as I too would love having him home. I’ve decided we need to get a set of checkers for me to take with me so we can play while we visit. Even though he’s never been much for games, he agreed checkers would be fun. I’m going to look around for other games that don’t have a lot of rules to remember for us too. It will make my visits even better.

Tomorrow I will touch the fire of temptation (cookies) and see if I survive intact or give in and BAKE!







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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you! That’s wonderful to hear!


  2. dheerajsah says:

    Oh I know, they would be. I love cookies too. Your blog have a king of sweetness in them too, just like your cookies. Keep posting!


  3. Jennifer says:

    They were good!


  4. dheerajsah says:

    loved that -fire of temptation (cookies) 🙂


  5. Jennifer says:

    If only I had a healthy weight!


  6. marlajayne says:

    Brrr. The photograph makes me shiver. It also makes me happy that I live in SC where I can go for a walk every day. It’s the best way (for me) to maintain a healthy weight.


  7. Denise says:

    Just the physical caring is too exhausting for one person, never mind all the other household tasks that need doing. He needs specialist care. But it must be so painful.

    Good luck with the pound at the next weigh in.


  8. Jennifer says:

    Just one pound might keep me motivated. I’ve probably been eating more than I should but 1200 calories a day hurts! Yes it was so sad to have to have that coming home discussion again. I know I’d rather be at home and I really miss having him here – but he’s clean, well fed, protected from injury and there’s more than one person looking after him.


  9. Jennifer says:

    All good ideas – I love the standing up part ………


  10. Denise says:

    11 pounds or 20 pounds is pretty good going. I think the weight loss is always faster at the beginning because you are heavier then and it takes more energy for your body to doits everyday things. As you get trimmer, your body requires less energy. Sad but true 😦

    Yes, hubby is best where he is. But what a sad question to have to answer.


  11. Ah, okay. Maybe you can leave the salt out and that a will make you feel better. I bet they are delicious, even if they don’t have chocolate chips in them). You could lay the cookies on top of the spinach and pretend like they are non-fat salad goodies…or you could eat them standing up because EVERYONE knows if you eat standing up there are no calories involved and you actually lose weight! Have fun, whatever you do:)


  12. Jennifer says:

    Oh man a day without spinach! YAY! Oatmeal Schoolhouse cookies have flour, oatmeal, brown sugar, raisins and wheat germ – they are SO GOOD. And they have salt …… and butter ……


  13. I think there’s salt in bottled water. Gak! Make your cookies…enjoy a few…for the holiday and for your own sanity. Try not to feel guilty for having a good time. Don’t eat a whole batch. Skip regular food and have fun stuff tomorrow…then it will balance out, right????? I never heard of Oatmeal Schoolhouse cookies…what’s in them?


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