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It was so cold here yesterday I thought my fingers would freeze together if I didn’t keep busy. At 7 pm the temperature was 21 degrees but felt like 7 degrees with the wind chill. We’d had a high wind warning for at least 24 hours. Nasty weather when you are trying to conserve energy! I vote for no more of this cold stuff.

Since I had the major disappointment of my last project ending up in the trash bin, I decided to knit all day yesterday. I am pleased that I only have one shoulder on the back left to shape and then I can do the 3-needle bind off to put the sweater together. Then just the sleeves, neck ribbing and maybe some decorative work on the hem and I’m done with the sweater. Just in time! For those of you who don’t know – this is the sweater I’m making.

I love this - Boxy by Joji Available on Ravelry
I love this – Boxy by Joji Available on Ravelry

This sweater is in around 1200 projects on Ravelry and is consistently one of the most popular patterns. I like it so much I’m thinking about doing another one. But there are many mountains to climb in the knitting world and I might just have to try another pattern.

Back to the failure of the cool jacket. The pattern itself is lovely. I’m not sure why my fabric/lining didn’t fit together well and what I did wrong. So I’m going to do some dissecting.

  1. The outer fabric I used was God awful. It was a woven that frayed constantly. So much so that the seam allowances started to disappear. It was also thick and thin.  And it was some poor quality of silk threads woven into this bumpy, tweedy stuff.
  2. The outer fabric was heavy. I could hardly hold it on the ironing board to press it out.
  3. The jacket pattern, which is not a bad pattern at all, had me sew the necks and hems of the jacket together and then flip it inside out. Somehow the outer fabric bagged on the front pieces but not the back. Don’t ask me – I’m still in the dark.
  4. The seams, instead of being double stitched, which helped the fraying, also needed to be clipped and pressed flat. This would have taken down the thickness of the attaching seams but wouldn’t have helped the weight of the outer fabric.
  5. The lining, a Bemburg, was cheap looking. I will use silk on my next jacket. Yes, I will do this AGAIN. As Mom used to say “If you don’t succeed, try, etc.”

I’m not sure which “thing” I’m going to make next and it may not be another version of this jacket. I need some smaller coat snaps and I want this next one not to end up in the trash, so I’m going to think about it. Sewing is nothing more than putting together a puzzle – if you can figure out how to put it together!

Busy week ahead – for everyone. For those of you cooking a big meal – my apologies! We’re going to have Thanksgiving with hubby at the nursing home. I am so pleased that they offer this to the family members. Thanksgiving without him would not be very much fun.

I found a blog today thanks to Gorgeous Fabrics. You may want to check it out —


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  1. Our Maggie, the Vicious Beast, loves to dress up. The problem is that she tries to bite us when we try to get the clothes off of her. Sigh.


  2. Jennifer says:

    That fabric was SO hard to work with. I’ve learned my lesson. I was tempted by the pretty colors but I sort of knew when I took it out of the bag that I wasn’t going to like it. I even told my son on the second day that I wanted to wad it! I should have – saved me some time! I hope it warms up a bit here. We get a cold spell and then a warm spell and then we get dumped on with snow. Unfortunately 20 inches of snow usually. Yetch. I haven’t budgeted for a snow removal service yet this year. It will be the kid and the shovel.


  3. Denise says:

    That outer fabric looked very disappointing. If you described – silk woven into heavier fabric in a pretty pastel colour – I’d say that sounded heavenly. I didn’t realise there were other factors, but I’d say that the fraying and bumpiness must have been a major problem.

    Wow I can see what you mean by cold where you are.


  4. Jennifer says:

    It’s all relative – considering I had to knit 25.5 inches just to get the point where I can knit 6 more! HA! The jacket was a DISASTER and I’m not sure I want to tackle anything complex – not that that was – it just was NASTY. I hope you have a great holiday too with your family and the chicklets chirping happily. I love that picture – and NO Maggie will not ever let me put clothes on her ——- even though I have volunteered to get her some ballerina jammies with a tutu ……….


  5. That cat is adorable. I think it’s reallllllly funny when you say, “I just have to….” and l list ten thousand things you still have to do with the sweater before it’s finished. Cracked me up. LOL The shoulder, hem sleeves, on and on and that’s so funny because you act like it will take ten minutes and it’s so easy. 🙂 Good luck with the jacket. Hope you can figure out what went wrong. Happy holiday and enjoy your time together. Dress up your cat and take a picture:) Unless you can’t stop the bleeding, that is.


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