Suzi’s Questions ……….

A massive star-forming region located about 160,000 light years away.


Last week, Suzi from asked me to answer some questions that would help her know more about me. We’ve been WP buddies for a long time. So here goes – more than you want to know, I’m sure!

I chose my blog name as a double entendre. I spend almost all the free time I have messing about with bits of fiber. I have always loved fabric and spent a great deal of my time in the 80s being a fiber artist. I had enough success in this field to be published 5 times and, more importantly, to sell everything I made at an art gallery. I loved it. Eventually, as with most of my passions, it wasn’t doing it for me so I switched to making clothing. That was a throw back to when I was 17 and desperately wanted to go to fashion design school while the parents plumped for teacher training. Guess where I went? Anyway, my whole life has been about finding, dyeing, putting together, sewing and generally messing about with fluff. Plus I have lots of dust bunnies too because I’m too busy on my next project to clean ……… or so I say. Also fluff can mean that hey – it’s not all that big a deal – and that’s what I think about what we see as reality – it’s just fluff.

In my free time (I have more than most people being as I’m older) I usually browse the internet for more fabric. Shallow I know – but I love it. I always meditate to keep from running into the street screaming so meditation isn’t free time – it’s absolutely built into the old schedule.

What age would I stay forever? None. I like the progression of the years and growth. As I get older I’m more and more comforted by the things I learn daily that make my life easier. I’m just as content now at 61 as I was at 11. It’s all the same.

What new thing would I study? Hmm. I would like to learn Sanskrit.

If I won the lottery the first thing I’d buy would be a plane ticket to New York for some serious fabric shopping.

The thing that makes me unique is, oddly enough, the thing that makes me not that unique. I know why I’m here and I know who I am.

My favorite blog is – Gigi’s drawings, words and poems are conscious expanding.

So that’s me – a little fluffy – but truly me.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    That’s so funny – deeply fluffy? Fluffy deeply? I love it!


  2. Denise says:

    Really loved reading more about you and your passion for fabric.

    You have a great philosophy of life and that’s what makes you unique. Fluffy and deep. I can’t even begin to think of another person I would use that description with.


  3. Jennifer says:

    We could go to an art supply store too. Not that you don’t have plenty of those in Chicago!


  4. My dear friend…I’m so honored to be your favorite blog. Seriously, thank you so very much. I’m grateful, And I would go with to NY but we would have to meet for dinner:) I don’t think I would be allowed in a fabric store:) Thank you again.


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