Had To Take a Break!


I’ve been working on the jacket from Hell constantly since I started it. It is almost done. I now have to sew the snaps on to the front. Since I’ve done 3 hours of hand-sewing today, I had to stop.

Yesterday I thought I had this thing licked until I put it on the dress form and noticed how the jacket bagged. It seems the fabric from Hell also grows as well as ravels. Then I thought, well, I could just let it grow and press it out and let it be. That didn’t work because then the LINING bagged. I just couldn’t win with this thing. So back to leaving it the way it’s supposed to be, prick stitching the neckline, sewing the facings down, pressing the damn thing, hemming the sleeves and now just the snaps have to go on. I couldn’t sew another stitch today to save my soul.

I still like the pattern but I really hate this fabric. I will wear it provided I can get it to look right, but I wouldn’t make another anything with fabric like this. I’ve taken some shots of what the INSIDE of the jacket looked like so you can see how bad the fabric truly frays. Fabric like this should only be sold with  a warning. It’s ugly.

So more tomorrow – maybe I’ll have the energy for pictures then …………….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    I was going to take scissors to it if I didn’t STOP …………..


  2. I’m sure it will be beautiful but I’m exhausted from reading that.


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