Sometimes Fabric Can Fight You ……… And Almost Win

Notice I said ALMOST. I have made great progress on my Vogue 8937 jacket, despite the fact that the fabric ravels SO BAD I had to stay stitch around all pieces just to keep it together. This fabric is horrid. It’s like a tweed but with thick and thin woven in silks. Once you cut the edges, it starts going. I’ve actually given the jacket a hair cut about 3 times just to keep the strings in my sewing room contained.

I’m ready to put the two pieces together.  I made the lining first so I wouldn’t have to stop sewing the jacket to construct the lining. I knew that I wouldn’t think the lining was the FUN part. Soon it will all be together. So far I’ve gotten to the fitting stage and it fits beautifully.

I love this pattern and will be making many many more jackets out of this. It’s a great pattern for a beginner too as it isn’t complex at all. If you don’t have to match plaid it would go together quickly.

Once the lining is in, it’s all hand work from there to the finish. And then the NEXT project will hit the table – so much better to keep busy! The next one is going to be a bit strange. I’m going to do this pattern

V8885 V8885-1

in a Patagonia rust colored polar fleece! Warm for around the house and still good-looking enough to wear in public …….




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