On To The Next Jacket ………… Vogue 8937



Now that I’ve finished my Style Arc Marie jacket, I’m working on the one above. It’s Vogue 8937 and I love the lines. I also love that I have several fabrics already purchased (some two years ago) to make this in. I love this pattern. Once the weight is off I can make the shorter version since I won’t have so much to cover.

I’m cutting out my first rendition of this jacket in a plaid which has a lot of sheen and is either silk or a close approximation. The colors are very bright, dominated by pink, teal, blue – more colors than I can explain so I will get pictures. The fabric, purchased from Emma One Sock a couple of years ago, is a bear to cut out. I’m matching the plaid all over, up and down. Very painstaking work and a visual challenge. The plaid involves mostly 1″ squares of the main fabric as the plaid delineation and goes on from there ………… We’ll see if I get this right.

I added four inches to the bottom of the jacket and chose long sleeves rather than 3/4. I’m not sure about the sleeves and I may shorten them as work progresses. The jacket is lined to the edges and I’m using a light blue lining. Once I start sewing, I think I’ll have to stitch around each main fabric piece to keep the raveling down to a minimum, even though it’s lined. Sewing will be a pleasure after this cutting lesson!

In the evenings I continue to work on my Boxy sweater in blue. I’ve added a multicolor yarn in shades of maroon, gold, brown, white and a bit darker blue to the neck and shoulders. It gives the sweater a nice look and (quietly) I’m almost DONE. I can’t believe it. My third project and I may actually finish one. I want to make this too – but I don’t think I have the skills for this yet.


Life has settled into a pattern for me. Visiting my husband every two to three days and working in the sewing room and putzing around on the free days. I’m hoping to finish this jacket (and like it enough) to wear to Thanksgiving Dinner at the nursing home. It is SO nice that they offer families an opportunity to celebrate the holidays together at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. DS and I will be with DH for both dinners. It makes it much easier for all of us.

Tonight at 8:15 or so, we will have been married 35 years. It’s amazing to me that 1) we lasted that long (there were many times neither of us thought we would) and 2) that time has passed that quickly. Since he would rather see me more often, I went on a visit yesterday rather than today. He is so cute when I get there, smiling from ear to ear.

And more good news – I’m not sure if I’ve lost 6 lb or 15. My weight at the doctor’s in August was 9 pounds heavier than my first time I weighed here. At any rate, my scale has me 15 lb lighter and I’ll take it. I haven’t had any problems maintaining what I eat. I eat cereal, fruit, spinach salad and a balanced supper and manage to keep the calories down and the nutrients up. I have many pounds to go, but at this rate it won’t take that long. And the key will then be to maintain my healthy eating habits (and not bake, bake, bake)! I look forward to the day I can buy smaller patterns and jeans!



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Isn’t it the truth! I will – me being mopey is just TOOO disgusting!


  2. suth2 says:

    You are obviously in a very happy place at the moment. Stay there.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Life is just going ticket-boo at the moment …….. When I quit worrying about tomorrow I seem to have found time to enjoy today.


  4. Jennifer says:

    Luckily I can eat chocolate too! It has tons of potassium – bet that made you want more!


  5. Denise says:

    This is all such good news and you sound so positive. Even the colours and sheen you describe.

    Congratulations on the weight loss. And also on your anniversary.


  6. Beautiful jacket and congrats on eating healthy. I’d say more but I have too much chocolate in my mouth…LOL


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