Stuck on Food …………..


I haven’t made any of this lately. Since I couldn’t do the pound of fresh, pound of cooked vegetables a day diet (yuck), I decided to at least just count my calories and eat better. Which means no loaf of fresh homemade bread and a stick of butter and I having an orgy. I miss it. Bad.

The good news is I’ve lost 11 pounds! Whoot! I’m excited about that! I’ve stuck with some great food over the last 10 days and we’re not starving. I make sure I eat breakfast and lunch and not just dinner. I used to graze between breakfast and dinner – no more. Now I have a salad and some fruit and continue on.

I made a great casserole two nights ago. I put slices of polenta (grocery store and comes in what I would call a gut, sorry) in the bottom of the dish, put Cabot’s cheddar on top of that, then Light Life Mexican crumbles and then a whole jar of Newman’s Own salsa. In about 20 minutes, we had dinner and there was enough left for two lunches for DS.

The site I use to keep my food log also analyzes the food for nutrients. This is very helpful since I haven’t spent a lot of time worrying about what’s in the food. Now I don’t have to! I’m amazed at how much sodium creeps in from foods that are semi-prepared and from boxes of things added to meals. I’ll get a much better handle on this now that I know. I don’t add salt when I cook a lot because it’s so easy to over salt the food. When I watched Ina Garten on TV, I was amazed at how much salt she put into things. There’s enough there – no need to add more.

Now I’m eating and feeling a lot better. I do miss my dear friend sugar …………… and butter …………… but they’ll have to wait a while and I’ll get back to them……………….


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  1. That’s great! I’m happy for you. And, you’re a good cook on top of it so you can still have great food. YAY!


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