Things Are Just As They Are


Maggie and I are pinching ourselves. Somewhere a switch was flipped and Maggie’s Mommy (me) has had two good days. Two awesome days in a row are wonderful experiences.

Somewhere between being bored and depressed, something happened. I was spending almost all my time worrying about the future and not paying attention to the present. I adjusted my attitude. I decided that the future can damn well take care of itself and I can get back to enjoying life, and I have been.

Yesterday I visited my husband. We had a great visit while he was eating his lunch. I always seem to get there now at lunch time or just after. We talked and he said it was nice to see me. I love when he can get the words out without struggling too much. It is wonderful. I let him know how much I appreciate what he did around the house – especially now since I am doing most of those chores. He laughed and agreed he did do a lot. I noticed that he didn’t eat much lunch, but it was macaroni and cheese and he doesn’t like that. I’m not sure how that crept into the lunch choice for him – the other choice must have been something he didn’t want at all.

On my way home I stopped for gourmet cat food (Wellness) and gas. Then it was time for the beginning of the month grocery trip. We did really well this time and we have lots of nutritional and not fattening foods to eat. I’ve been making an effort to stop the sugar, fat, etc. foods. I have a weight loss goal so that my knees and back will feel better and so that I can make smaller clothes! I know that I will never be able to do the Eat for Life diet what with the pound of raw and pound of cooked vegetables – yuck. I did find a site today where I can keep track of calories and where I can log activity, etc.

Sunday I spent the whole day in the sewing room being extremely frustrated. I was trying to get one half of the zipper in my jacket. I had read a blog post that said put the zipper face down with the teeth away from the seam. She was making this same jacket. There was no way that worked. I had to put the zipper FACE UP to get the teeth away from the seam.

Also I had seen several pictures/reviews of Style Arc’s Marie jacket and the zipper was wavy – on the pattern  you are advised to get a zipper with the right weight for your fabric. I had no problem with this. But it dawned on me yesterday that the knit needed to be stabilized in order for it not to stretch out of shape and wave the zipper all over. Today I basted some Stitch Witchery on the side front seam and the zipper was the stabilizer for the other side. I sewed everything down, pressed it out and my zipper does not wave!!! It is beautiful. I’m done in the sewing room for today. More challenges await tomorrow. I am taking pictures of the steps so you can see how the jacket shaped up. I love it so far.

Now if only I can find a snack with zero calories ……………..




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  1. Jennifer says:

    Not so clever – just determined! Healthy eating is good – there have been too many pizzas in our house! With neither DS or I wanting to cook sometimes it gets interesting! And yes I do love having time to visit with DH. It means a lot to see him happy.


  2. Denise says:

    You are really clever with the sewing. I was very impressed by the jacket design you showed us. My daughter is making a skirt and she likes to be precise and exact – just like I am not.

    You sound much more positive now you have given up the job and are able to spend time with your husband. Also I think having the energy for healthy eating is good – for the purse as well as the figure. All those vegetables can make such a cheap, nutritious meal


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