A Pretty Fluffy Day


What a difference a day makes! Although I’m still not out of the woe-is-me-woods yet, I’m making progress. I  remembered that just because I was doing something it doesn’t mean I was enjoying myself. That’s the point. So now I may not “be needed” as much as I was (and thank God for that), I can now do things that bring joy. So woe go away, please.

I mopped the kitchen floor – honestly it was embarrassing. I have never let the floor get that bad. Well, maybe once or twice. It was nasty and I got it clean. It looks awesome and I can point at it and say “See what I did today?” This all reminds me of being a young stay-at-home-mom and my conversations being all about what baby food the kid ate. Euww.

After the great floor mop, I got off my butt and headed upstairs to the sewing room. I learned two things today while I was in there. One, I don’t like top-stitching a double knit fabric. Two, it’s hard to sew on black (can’t see it). And one more! I am going to love this pattern. I am pretty tired of just making shirts, and this jacket will be damned cute if I do say so myself.

Since I hated the top-stitching and I had lots of extra fabric, I recut out the right front and the pieces for the side fronts. I will put these together without top-stitching. I will like it much better. I can’t wait to get to the zipper part. I also learned that I like my sewing machine a lot and I’m still learning the serger. It makes a neat seam – not sure I have as much control as I do with the sewing machine. I have a bit of a learning curve there so I now know that and can adjust my sewing to make sure the outcome is what I want.

The 61-year-old back is starting to twinge so the rest of the night will be spent in my comfy chair. I don’t know whether to watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the 6th time or British comedies on PBS. We’ll see!

One thing it’s time to do again – plan some menus for a grocery run. I want to get a few weeks of menus done so I can just rotate them as we need to – neither of us likes eating the same things over and over.  And our favorite pizza place is now off-limits – they either sold it or just fired everybody and the last 4 times we got something from there it was TERRIBLE. When we moved back here from Canada (where there is no pizza delivery unless you live in the capital) we wore the wheels off those guys. Now you can’t get a decent pizza and I’m not into checking all the other places out. I tried one that tasted like Kraft pizza in a box. We’ll be doing homemade pizzas from now on out.

I also entered more of those “giveaways” today (it guarantees me way more email) – the one on HGTV for $100K to renovate your home (I need this) and one on Burda Style Blog to win another sewing machine and serger. They say the serger has “lay-in” threading. Well that sounds peachier than mine!

This is the jacket – I’m doing it in a solid black with a dark gray zipper with copper teeth. The zipper has pizzazz!




This is the Marie jacket by Style Arc patterns. Google them if you haven’t seen Chloe’s patterns yet – I would take each and every one of them. I see several of these in my future! Too cute.


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  1. Denise says:

    That jacket is very in. I’ve been wanting an “asymmetric zip” top/jacket for a while.

    Well done you for getting yourself in the mood for a productive day. It’s easy to overlook how important it is to motivate yourself to do the little things, and then you have something to be pleased with. I cleaned my desk at work the other day and that sounds so tiny but I’d been so busy I’d lost sight of organising myself. The fact that you cleaned your floor and made it nice for yourself means you are worth doing that for.


  2. Jennifer says:

    I know! Isn’t he cute!! I would love a dozen …….. baby animals all day long. Happy times!


  3. Okay, cuttest bunny EVER! Glad you feel better. Want the bunny.


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