Unit Needs More Input


Unit is seriously bored. The ho-hum blah-blah stuff is hanging around a lot longer than it should and a whole hell of a lot longer than I want it to.

I went from busy-busy, taking care of husband person, to not-busy-busy just visiting husband person. When husband was still at home, I had to fit my entertainment into a shorter time period. So now I definitely have too much time on my hands. 

When I’m bored I think up more ways that life can get screwed up. You know, I stew. I think about what could go wrong and how to cope if it does. Seriously. I don’t waste any time thinking about how things could go right – after all, why would I? So not only am I bored, I’m stressed.

Getting myself to shut up and to quit playing the all day radio of doom in my brain does take a lot of energy. And a lot of sitting with myself. And I’m seriously sick of myself. It’s time for a change of scenery or a change of pace or something. 

I finally went into the sewing room today to do something besides learn how to thread a serger (does it need to be that hard?) and managed to sew and top-stitch the back and back yoke pieces. I stopped after that. Next I have to do the front side pieces and top-stitch them and then put in the zipper. I’m hoping that will provide a whole lot of excitement – as long as it isn’t the ripping out sort of excitement.

And I do not understand why WP has to change everything every month. Listen, I know you guys are programmers and are great at what you do. But us bloggers get used to the way something looks and we like it that way. Once we get used to something, you change it. Then we’re not used to it any more, see? So even going to the WP reader can be stressful. I am going to save some tranquilizers for December 1, just in case you guys decide to change something then too. At least I’ll be prepared. Nothing like popping pills because of something strange on your computer …………… and it would be nice not to have the blog name over the picture. And here’s a question – I have a little image for Couture Lunacy that displays wherever my blog shows up. I cannot remember how the hell I saved that image and WHERE I saved it and how I can do it again. Because I want to do a little image thingy for this blog. If anybody knows how to do it – let me know. I’ve looked at everything on the dashboard and I can’t find it. 

I’m going to go after more reading input too. I’ve read several decent books over the last few weeks, and I’m down to reading stuff I’ve been putting off. I think I might actually have to “remove from device” if I can’t get into some of these other titles. When reading bores me ………………….. 

God it’s after 9:30 pm here and I’m turning into a pumpkin just sitting here typing. My bedtime has moved to 8:30 or 9:00. I’m forcing myself to stay up tonight because it’s Friday. And God I hope I get up before 10 am. Really. Does anyone need to sleep 13 hours? Obviously I do. Or I’m just staying in bed because I’m bored shitless and can’t fill any more than 11 hours. Woe is me. I think I’ll set myself the nice goal of cleaning house tomorrow – boy that’ll get me up out of bed. Ha.

I think I’m taking myself out to lunch tomorrow, maybe walk around downtown or the mall. Maybe I’ll just take a drive to Searsport or somewhere on the water. I might even go to Bar Harbor. The summer complaints should be gone by now – hell yeah, it’s November. I would say the complaints are gone. I’ll bet most of Bar Harbor’s shut down too – we’ll see – I’m coming up with something!





6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    I know – they will have to “improve” it again ……..


  2. Denise says:

    What if they just see it as “improvements”? 😦


  3. Jennifer says:

    Definitely I will take pictures. Maybe I am just super-tired. I hope they fix WP!


  4. Jennifer says:

    A change of scenery might be perfect. I need to get some enthusiasm for something! The back probably won’t hold up to crawling on my knees and cleaning behind the toilet. Or hauling around the vacuum cleaner. I’m going to take that in stages.


  5. Denise says:

    Hi, Unit,
    Yeah, this new WordPress thing is strange. My preview posts look a bit terrible to be honest. And then I couldn’t find my draft post for a while.

    This reminds me of that lull I used to feel as a child after I’d had my birthday party and everyone had gone home. Even though I was by myself much of the time, there was this weird feeling of total sad emptiness after all this action and then nothing.

    It’s not been a party for you of course. Maybe you just need a lot of sleep after all that’s been going on in your life, getting through to your bone ingrained tiredness?

    Good to see that you’ve got plans to fill up your time a bit. If you go somewhere nice tomorrow, will you post a picture?


  6. Going out might help. At least you got some sewing done. How’s your back?


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