A Little Patience …….


The Witch Head Nebula - nasa.gov
The Witch Head Nebula – nasa.gov

I’m not real sure I can see the Witch Head but it seemed to suit the day!

After a visit with my husband at the nursing home this lunch time, and after stopping by the grocery store for supplies, I tackled the dreaded threading of the serger.

I’m going to have to get good with this machine if I don’t want it just sitting there gathering dust. So I dove in. I’m about ten or fifteen years behind the times with this. I think most people who sew have conquered this machine years ago.

When I made quilts and wall hangings for publication and sale, I used a needle and thread. In the last few years of doing this I finally decided I could piece a quilt on the machine. I never enjoyed doing it that way though. I was always just real happy to sit with some pieces of fabric and put them together by hand. I also quilted everything by hand. And I like the hand quilting much better. I think I’m going to go back to doing some of this eventually. I had lost my inspiration for quite a while. I don’t want to make “quilts” any more. I just want to make art out of fabric which is what I was doing for most of the 20 years I did this.

Anyway, I’m much more interested these days in clothes and making stuff I can wear. And today – I threaded that blasted machine PERFECTLY and I have a nice overcast seam just the way I want it. I also adjusted the differential feed to keep my knit fabric from stretching and creating a wavy seam! I feel all grown up now.

It’s been cold here for a few days. We’ve been spoiled by warm October weather. It’s actually warmer today than it’s been for about a week, but we have some kind of storm coming. Naturally! I’m very glad it’s a rain storm and not the other kind. I don’t want the other kind at all.

I found this photo at turtletechie.com – kind of cute, huh?

Photo Credit  turtletechie.com
Photo Credit



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    I am victorious! You are too – good going telling your parents what YOU need with your girls!


  2. Denise says:

    Rained so much my pumpkin light wouldn’t stay in. Still trick or treaters found their way to the door.

    Great pics today and well done with the machine – it’s a monster and you are a monster slayer.


  3. Jennifer says:

    It’s raining here ……… poor little people! I think it’s rained every Halloween for seven years!


  4. YOU did it!!!!! Congrats. It’s warm here, in the 60s but raining…naturally, for the little trick or t…they were jut at the door with umbrellas so… the beat goes on. Looking forward to seeing you finished jacket:)


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