Full Moon


I was not at all surprised to see a full or almost full moon tonight. It has been one of “those” days. Today was my first day back on the phones since February. It started out the way it continued. We have to choose a station so that we can make sure that there will be a seat for everyone later on in the season. Naturally, when I chose my seat, someone was already sitting in it. I had to go back to the seating supervisor and let her know and she went to the person and let them know that they hadn’t chosen that seat.  The lady at the station argued with that – as everyone does. My only concern was to get in, set up my computer and be ready to log in on time. But we had to do the little “oh that’s not your seat” dance.  Ah.

Not too long after that, finally having been able to set up and log in, my system froze. I could do nothing. So the ergo guy, who is absolutely a peach, helped me and he just restarted the computer. Which I could have done except I’m not allowed to. So that took 15 minutes. And earlier we’d had an ergo session to make sure I’m comfortable and I’d already had my first quality meeting  (I forgot to say “I’ll be happy to help you place that order” on one call). And about an hour later my system froze up again. This time I had to call our IT department. On and on …………..

So. Let me just say that tomorrow had better be a bit easier on the frustration level. I was also sent home 2.5 hours early on a forced low because we weren’t at all busy and the late shift was coming in. That part was OK by me. I was so ready to leave I almost levitated into the car.

The one absolutely positive thing I hold onto is that this is my completely last year doing this. As I have mentioned in other posts, I will qualify for social security in January (well February since they figure it really weird and I won’t get it until March) and I will be adding that to the kitty and that will be the income. No more of this jollying around doing cutesy happy customer service. Done.

You know how you have an idea of how your life will be at a certain time? I did not envision my life the way it is now. I would have had me lolling around in my house on the French Riviera by now. I thought I was standing in the right line, but I must have made a mistake.  I must have been dreaming about another lifetime. I hope it isn’t one I’ve already lived through. I’d like to think I have something to look forward to ………

I had a great visit with DH on Friday. Of course he forgot that I was going back to work and that I had called him and let him know I’d be there to visit as soon as I could. He was glad to see me. I took him some toiletries and you would have thought I’d given him the moon. There are many days when I would gladly change positions with him. I would love to be thrilled about toothpaste and a new toothbrush.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Here’s hoping today is better! I could skip this except it’s “business as usual” so I guess it’s busier on the phones this morning. The veggies sound good – we need to find some set recipes we like to make this work. So far we’ve had only one true bomb – a nutty sauce which was awful. Back to the cookbooks!


  2. Denise says:

    What a frustrating day 😦 Stupid lady in your seat… D’oh!

    Hope it goes a bit better next time round. But I am glad that your husband appreciated his toothpaste and you managed to get something out of the day.

    How’s the healthy eating going? The girls had a big roast at the weekend and I took the opportunity to do myself loads of vegetables, which were yummy with gravy.


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