This is about how I felt today. I had to concentrate – really concentrate – for five whole hours. I’m back to work! Today and tomorrow are refresher training (it’s my fourth year back) and then my true schedule starts Sunday.  Imagine me up to my ears in chinos and turtlenecks.

I haven’t worked (outside the home, let’s say) since February. Today was a kind of milestone and I’m very happy I have things somewhat settled so I CAN work and have the extra income.

Knowing that my husband wouldn’t know why I wasn’t visiting today, I called him after supper tonight. He had forgotten that I’d told him I was back to work on Wednesday when I last saw him. I knew I should remind him and he was glad to know where I was so he didn’t worry that I wasn’t coming. I’ve let him know that my visiting schedule may be less now as I don’t know my schedule for more than three weeks out and he seems good with this.

I was excited to learn that I’m not to late to be considered for a position I had last year. It’s a little more involved and every situation is different. I loved the variety and making sometimes upset customers very happy makes me happy.  I’m so glad I got back now so I can still get into that position. I was originally scheduled to start July 1 but there was just no way I could do that.

And on another note – Maggie the Cat was so glad to see me this afternoon she had a FRAP (frequent rapid activity period) all over the house ending only in scratching the leather furniture. You would not believe the furniture or the fact that I haven’t tossed her yet! I actually get a kick out of her running around – such a cutie.

She’s also become the best snuggler. She’s a stealth snuggler. She doesn’t like to be held, so my dream of a lap cat was dashed right away. The only lap she would sit on was her Dad’s. With me, she gets under the quilt, slowly crawls down and curls up wherever the back of my knees are. I must admit it makes it a little hard to move in the bed and I’m a tosser so a couple of times she’s been very surprised! I now know she’s there (there’s no way to miss the cuddle) and so I try to move slowly. It’s cool – no flying cat off the bed!

Another day tomorrow – doing fake orders and taking live phone calls (we get the whole 9 yards in re-training) and then boom – back on the phones!


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  1. Denise says:

    I’m soooo pleased for you. This was a lovely post, sounding really positive and excited. You’ve made me feel positive and excited for you.

    Your cat sounds lovely. And I guess it’s a shame she doesn’t want to be held, but… *she* is choosing *you*!


  2. Congrats and good luck:)


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